Throughout the Division's tenure at Fort Bragg, rumors abounded regarding the Division's ultimate role in the war. The temporary issue of camouflage utility uniforms led some to believe that the Division was bound for the Pacific; ranger training made some believe the outfit was headed for Norway. Some hopeful few believed the emphasis placed on physical conditioning and drill -- actually a coherent attempt to build discipline and cohesion -- indicated that the 100th was really only a "show division." This latter rumor was reinforced by numerous visits by dignitaries such as the Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, and dozens of generals, senior businessmen, and the like. The participation by a select provisional battalion of the Division's smartest marchers in the Fifth War Loan Drive in New York City did little to allay this rumor of nothing but stateside soldiering in the 100th's future.

Major General Burress escorts Secretary of War Stimson while other brass look on, Fort Bragg, March 1943.

Soldiers of the Provisional Battalion at "Parade
Rest" during ceremonies in Times Square
on Infantry Day, 11 June 1944.



Among the many rumors
that circulated about the
Division's ultimate mission
was one
based on the
temporary issue of
camouflage utility unforms
-- the Division was
"definitely" bound for the

With all of the support the Division rendered to
the war effort with parades, field demonstrations, and other missions, another natural rumor was that the Division would never deploy overseas. Here, the 398th Infantry passes in review.