Thus, the 100th Infantry Division embarked on a "Supplemental Training Period" designed to assimilate the new arrivals, while building on the experience already gained by the vast majority of the Division's soldiers since late 1942. The chain of command instituted an especially vigorous physical regimen as well, not only to toughen the ASTP men, fresh from college campuses around America, but to help psychologically weld them together with the "veterans" who were already present. A strong intramural athletic program only added to this effect.

Training for the new arrivals from other branches emphasized the development of infantry skills. Here, new infantrymen learn how to employ rifle grenades.

Classes were usually taught in a field environment, in the bright Carolina summer sun.

Mass athletics and intramural
competition also helped develop
cohesion, while conditioning the
soldiers and providing a diversion
from the stresses of intensive

Tactical roadmarches toughened the new infantrymen physically and mentally, while bonding the new men with their "veteran" buddies.