By late October, the Division was back at Fort Jackson, ready to take on its greatest challenge to that point -- Tennessee Maneuvers.

The 100th left Fort Jackson for good in early November and convoyed to the 15,000-square-mile Tennessee Maneuver Area, in the Cumberland Mountains. From mid-November through mid-January, the division engaged in a series of large-scale maneuvers as part of a corps team, alternately paired with or opposing the 14th Armored Division, 35th Infantry Division, 87th Infantry Division, and 3d Cavalry Group. It is difficult to conceive of an arena in which there could have been much better preparation for what the Division would face in exactly twelve months, in other mountains, 3,000 miles to the north and east . . .

Tennessee Maneuvers placed Century soldiers in the realistic setting of not only forest and fields, but in the middle of farms and towns, as well.


In addition to the tactical skills learned in an extended field environment, the men also came together as teams, from squads to regimental combat teams, and finally, as a Division.