Initially, the 100th Infantry Division followed the Army Ground Forces' plan for creating combat-ready new divisions in one year. The "Mobilization Training Plan," or MTP, called for the phased creation of an officer/NCO cadre of about 1,500 who would be appropriately educated and trained in intense, abbreviated courses, at branch schools and at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The events were approximately as follows:

Early September
to mid - October 1942

-- Officer cadre trained at branch schools and Command
and General Staff School.


-- Parent division (76th Infantry Division) designates enlisted
cadre and promotes to proper ranks.



to mid-November 1942

-- Officer and enlisted cadres arrive at Fort Jackson,
South Carolina



15 November 1942

-- Activation at Fort Jackson.



to late December 1942

-- Initial complement of about 13,500 recruits arrive at
Fort Jackson.