5 April 1945: Soldiers of Company E, 398th Infantry Regiment await their turn to cross the Jagst River near Jagstfeld. By 0500 on the next day, these men would be paddling across the Jagst in assault boats, and engaging elements of the 17th SS-Panzer-Grenadier Division in ferocious combat. Identified soldiers in the photo include the Commander of Easy Company, Captain Thomas H. Garahan of Queens, New York (left, with his back to the camera); Technician 5th Grade Joseph L. Wheeler of Kansas City, Missouri, a medic supporting Company E (third from left, seated behind a post and looking to his left); Lieutenant Warren E. Haught of Rochester, Pennsylvania (center, standing, with slung M1 carbine); and Sergeant Arthur W. Wolf of New York City (right of center, adjusting helmet and wearing the Combat Infantryman Badge). Note that Sergeant Wolf is wearing a German officer's belt -- a risky proposition if captured!

Photo by Technician 3d Grade Doug Smyth of New Milford, Connecticut, a medic supporting the 2d Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment, 100th Infantry Division. This photo was taken with a Kodak 127 Vest Pocket Folding Camera, which Doug carried in a pouch on his pistol belt. The negatives were developed using captured German chemicals.