Soldiers of Company F/398th Infantry Regiment in the chow line in a secure area in Affaltrach, Germany, 14 April 1945. Note the bedrolls and duffel bags also being made available by the company supply sergeant for access and use during this break in the action following the assault crossing of the Neckar River in and around Heilbronn. The fuel cans immediately behind Private First Class Woodrow Raulerson (standing, center, with mess kit and canteen cup) contain the gasoline used to power the immersion heaters that heat the water in which the soldiers will wash their mess kits prior to and after use. The fuel will also be used to power the field stoves on which the chow is being prepared by the cooks. Not long after this photo was taken, the men of Fox Company saw their first German jet aircraft, a Messerschmitt 262. The troops scattered, but were fortunately not engaged by the Luftwaffe pilot, who flew on in search of other targets. Identified soldiers in this photo include Private First Class Raulerson, from MacClenny, Florida (center), Private Paul A. Mrozinski, from LaPorte, Indiana (the cook wearing the jeep cap, seated holding the ladel, at right); Private First Class John Silva, from Milford, Massachusetts (third from the end in the line, holding a canteen cup in his right hand); and Sergeant Sheldon Kofod, from Jamestown, New York (fourth from the end of the line, with the M-1 with a grenade launcher attached slung over his right shoulder).

Photo courtesy of John Silva, F/398th Infantry and Doug Smyth, 2d/398th Medic.