November, 1944: 397th Infantry advances through the High Vosges.

Elements of C/397th Infantry road march through a cleared German obstacle in the High Vosges, mid-November 1944. The German Winter Line consisted of two main belts of fortifications, built by forced labor a few months previously. The 100th's attack into the High Vosges east of Baccarat quickly penetrated the first line, held by the recently-arrived 708th Volks-Grenadier Division; the rapid pursuit by the 100th and other VI and XV Corps units prevented the Germans from occupying the second belt, and turned the German withdrawal into a headlong rout out of the most defensible terrain on the Western Front.

The soldier on the left side of this photo is SSgt. Norman Stephens and behind him is Les Gluesenkamp. On the right side is Lt. William Nugent. Behind him is SSgt. William Hurley, Pfc Kenneth Bonte and Pfc Joseph Pelowitz. Information submitted by Les Gluesenkamp, C/397th.