September 1945: Among the attempts to provide meaningful activities for the Centurymen after V-J Day, the Division staged an intramural track meet in Stuttgart. The three infantry regiments competed for the championship, which was won by the 398th Infantry. Here, Major General Burress poses with the members of the 397th Infantry Regiment 1600-meter relay team after offering his congratulations for their effort in a heart-breaking 3-yard loss to the 398th Infantry's team. From left, Private Denny Carmichael of Seattle, Washington (Company G), Private First Class Bob Lannen of Buffalo, New York (Company E), General Burress, Private First Class George Tracy of Raytown, Missouri (Company A), and Lieutenant Rufus Dalton of Charlotte, North Carolina (2d Battalion).

Photo contributed by Denny Carmichael, G/397th Infantry Regiment.