Later in the summer, the Division began to break up. Over 800 "high pointers" were transferred to an antiaircraft unit that was bound for the States, and over 2,300 "low pointers" from the 63d Infantry Division were assigned to the 100th. By the end of September, 4,000 more Centurymen had been transferred to other units.

Brigadier General John Murphy, DIVARTY commander since just before Tennessee Maneuvers, left the Division in September, the first of the Division's three general officers to depart. On 22 September, Major General Burress relinquished command to Brigadier General Tychsen, former commander of the 399th Infantry Regiment during the Division's early combat days, and Assistant Division Commander since December 1944. General Burress had commanded the 100th since its activation in November, 1942, and was one of only 11 division commanders in the US Army to stay with his division from activation through the end of the war. After leaving the Division, General Burress went on to command VI Corps.



As the summer wore on, more and more men were transferred out, some to go home . . . . . . and others to simply be assigned to other units still in Europe.