The Distinguished Unit Citation

Awarded in the name of the President of the United States (and later redesignated the “Presidential Unit Citation”), this award was created during WWII to recognize units for a collective display of extraordinary heroism. The degree of heroism required is the same as that which would warrant the award of the Distinguished Service Cross to an individual. The Distinguished Unit Emblem may be worn by all soldiers who were assigned, or permanently attached and present for duty as members of the unit in the action for which it was cited. Persons who join the unit later may wear the emblem while serving with the unit. The emblem is a blue ribbon set in a gold-colored metal frame of laurel leaves.

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As evidence of the award, the unit displays a dark blue streamer, with the name of the action embroidered in white, with its colors or guidon.

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The following 100th Infantry Division units were awarded Distinguished Unit Citations in recognition of their collective heroism in the actions listed.



1st Battalion, 397th Infantry Regiment (Heilbronn)


2d Battalion, 397th Infantry Regiment (Heilbronn)


Company H, 397th Infantry Regiment (Rimling)


3d Battalion, 397th Infantry Regiment (Rimling)


3d Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment (Bitche)


3d Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment (Heilbronn)


1st Battalion, 399th Infantry Regiment (Raon L’Etape)


3d Battalion, 399th Infantry Regiment (Fohlenberg)