Letter From Joe Collie (B/397th), Chairman of the Endowment Committee.

Fellow Centurymen:

What will happen to the 100th Infantry Division Association when we are gone? Enclosed is a very special edition of the Division Association newsletter. This edition has been prepared by your newly formed Endowment Committee. My letter is intended to emphasize the importance of this new chapter in our long history, and to urge all Division members and friends to participate. In the meantime, your Association will continue business as usual.

It has been the dream of our officers and members to have a meaningful legacy honoring our Division's WWII soldiers, living and dead, and also a special honor to our commanding officer, the late Lieutenant General Withers A. Burress. Continued awareness of our heritage will be assured by Operation LEGACY.

This effort has two points: It has a scholarship program for junior and senior ROTC cadets at The Virginia Military Institute [VMI] at Lexington, Virginia, and it establishes a comprehensive and professional archive of our military achievements to be housed in the prestigious George C. Marshall Library at VMI. The selection of VMI by your officers and trustees will be clarified by this newsletter and by the remarks of Mrs. Cynthia Burress Dolvin, the daughter of General Burress, which I quote:

"I want to express my profound thanks to the men of the 100th Infantry Division Association for the honor you have done and continue to do to the memory of my father, Withers A. Burress. "Two things were his greatest source of pride: his alma mater-VMI-and the 100th and its gallant men. It is fitting that one should endow the other in his memory. How proud he would be that, these many years after his death, your Association thrives-and remembers."

The goal for Operation LEGACY, based on a two-year pledge, will be $300,000, or an average of $100 per member recipient of our regular newsletter. This is our most important mission since VE Day, and must include the support of all units, infantry, artillery, engineers, quartermaster, medical, ordnance, signal, reconaissance, military police, headquarters, and service. To set the example, the 11 members of your Endowment Committee have led off with a total of $10,000 of their personal funds toward this goal.

The success of this effort will honor all the dedicated and courageous men who served in the 100th Infantry Division and may God bless this undertaking.


Joseph H. Collie, Chairman, Endowment Committee
Roland Giduz, Secretary
George Blair, Lowry Bowman, Herb Chandler, Bob Fair, Will Howsmon,
Horace Kornegay, Paul Mosher, Hank Williams, Lou Witt

If you have questions about Operation LEGACY. . .