The M2 as depicted in FM 23-92, 4.2-Inch Mortar M2, April 1951

M2 4.2" (107mm) Mortar

Caliber: 4.2” (107mm)

Barrel Length: 48 inches (barrel is rifled)

Weight: 333 pounds, complete

Maximum elevation: 1065 mils

Minimum elevation: 800 mils

Maximum traverse: 350 mils right or left of center

Maximum Range with high explosive projectile and point detonating fuse: 4,400 yards

Minimum Range: 565 yards

Types of Ammunition used during WWII in the ETO: High Explosive; White Phosphorus; Smoke; Illumination

Rate of Fire:
First two minutes: 40 rounds
First 20 minutes: 100 rounds
Sustained Fire: 80 rounds per hour

(All data from FM 23-92, April 1951)