In the tiny hamlet of Rimling, in the French Department (State) of the Moselle, just a few kilometers from the border with Germany, elements of the 100th Infantry Division's 397th Infantry Regiment blunted the drive of more than twice their number of SS-Panzergrenadiers of the 17th SS-Panzer-Grenadier Division during the first nine days of January, 1945. At great cost in blood, by tenaciously holding this town on the edge of Lorraine for over a week, the defenders completely unhinged the German NORDWIND offensive, the last German offensive in the West during World War II. On the town hall, the grateful people of this village have emplaced a plaque commemorating this fierce battle instrumental in preventing the XIII SS-Corps attack from achieving any of its objectives.

English Translation:

To the memory

of the Soldiers of the 100th Infantry Division

Killed in combat for our liberation

Honor to all those who fought for our liberty

Rimling, 29 September 1996