Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Although the Division was only stationed at Fort Bragg for about nine months, to many Centurymen, stateside service with the Division and service at Fort Bragg mean the same thing. Due to the "stripping" of trained infantrymen from the Division to serve as replacements for units already in combat, many of the men who went into the line wearing the 100th Infantry Division patch in November, 1944, joined the Division at Bragg earlier in the same year.

Today, in commemoration of the award of the very first Expert Infantryman Badge in Army history, the 100th Infantry Division Association has emplaced a monument near the Main Post flag pole and the "Iron Mike" statue. The monument's plaque reads as follows.



The 100th Infantry Division Association is also in the process of emplacing a permanent monument commemorating the Division's service at Fort Bragg in the vicinity of the Sergeant Bull EIB monument. Details will be included at this website when it is completed.