For extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy . . .



Rank at time of Award/Name, Unit (Town nearest to Location of Act for Which Decorated)

First Oak Leaf Cluster

Lieutenant Colonel Elery M. Zehner, Commander, 1st Battalion (Signalberg, France)

Distinguished Service Cross

Lieutenant Colonel Elery M. Zehner, Commander, 1st Battalion (St. Remy, France)

Captain Alfred E. Olson, Company I (Lemberg, France)

1st Lieutenant Warren D. Behrens, Company K (Lemberg, France)
1st Lieutenant George W. Everett, Company B (Flein, Germany)
1st Lieutenant William E. Sullivan, Company B (Bitche, France)

2d Lieutenant Paul F. Loes, Company C (St. Remy, France)
2d Lieutenant Thomas E. Plante, Company A (Bitche, France) (Posthumous)
2d Lieutenant Herbert Verrill, Company E (Reyersviller, France)

Technical Sergeant (Later 1LT) Rudoph Steinman, Company D (Raon L'Etape, France)

Staff Sergeant Real L. Parenteau, Company A (Unter Heinriet, Germany) (Posthumous)
Staff Sergeant Richard Trapani, Company H (Reyersviller, France) (Posthumous)

Sergeant William J. Ansel, Company L (Neufmaisons, France)
Sergeant John Hambric, Company A (Heilbronn, Germany)
Sergeant Vincent Kelly, Company G (Talheim, Germany) (Posthumous)
Sergeant Clifford W. La Belle, Company B (Bitche, France)
Sergeant Emory N. Yount, Company K (Beilstein, Germany)

Private First Class Arthur C. Grimm, Company B (St. Remy, France)
Private First Class Charles W. Hoak, Company C (St. Remy, France)
Private First Class Lonnie Jackson, Company G (Talheim, Germany)
Private First Class Thomas L. Pitzer, Company A (Helfenberg, Germany)
Private First Class Robert L. Reynolds, Company B (Gärnberg, Germany)


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