The Distinguished Unit Citation for


Company H, 397th Infantry Regiment


is authorized by War Department General Order 99-46

Company H, 397th Infantry Regiment, is cited for outstanding accomplishment in combat on 8 and 9 January 1945 in the vicinity of Rimling, France. Under the pressure of a savagely prosecuted attack by numerically superior hostile forces, which forced back adjacent elements, Company H staunchly held its ground, threw back assault after assault, and, by its gallant and unyielding defense, prevented the encirclement of the battalion by the enemy. The initial hostile attack in the night by infantry mounted on tanks was dispersed by the deadly fire of the company's heavy machine guns and mortars, and subsequent daylight tank-infantry attacks were also repulsed with heavy losses to the enemy. Attempts at infiltration by hostile soldiers wearing American parkas were thwarted and the opposing riflemen killed or forced to withdraw. Sixty-three prisoners were captured and an estimated four hundred casualties inflicted upon the attackers in the heroic action in which every member of Company H, 397th Infantry Regiment reflected great credit on himself, his company, and the Army of the United States. (General Orders 155, Headquarters 100th Infantry Division, 9 June 1945.)