925th Field Artillery Battalion

Purple Heart

For Wounds Received in Battle . . .

Rank, Name, Battery,* Country in which wound(s) were sustained

Lieutenant Colonel Edgar A. Clarke, Battalion Commander, France

Captain Milton A. Eddy, Headquarters Battery, Germany

1st Lieutenant Edwin A. Fisher, Battery C, France

1st Lieutenant Miles B. Phillips, Germany

1st Lieutenant Herbert R. Tison, France

Staff Sergeant James E. Garrison, Medical Detachment, France

Staff Sergeant John E. Kelley, Battery A, France

Sergeant Daniel M. Facchin, Battery A, France

Sergeant Edwin E. Molesky, Headquarters Battery, France

Sergeant Lloyd F. Thompson, Battery B, Germany

Corporal Walter E. Blissitt, Battery C, France

Corporal John C. Columbo, Battery C, France

Corporal Edward G. O'Brien, Battery C, France

Technician 4th Grade Edgar C. Kirsch, Battery C, France

Technician 5th Grade Willard J. Miller, Battery A, France

Private First Class Henry J. Chappell, Battery A, France

Private First Class Joseph Hucko, Battery C, Germany

Private First Class Stephen A. Keys, Battery C, France

Private First Class John Naples, Battery C, France

Private First Class Chester W. Pazera, Battery A, France

Private First Class Roy W. Rapp, Battery A, Germany

Private First Class Ebenezer K. Russell, Medical Detachment, France

Private First Class George J. Tuma, Battery C, Germany

Private Earl J. Caldwell, Battery C, France

Private Leroy F. Casselman, Battery B, France

Private Nick P. Garcia, Battery B, Germany

Private Arthur H. Hall, France

Private Chester J. Kopec, Battery A, France

*Units of assignment if/as indicated in The Story of the Century and the latest 100th Infantry Division Association roster; corrections or additional information are welcome. For corrections regarding unit of assignment, please contact the Website Manager at aegis@bedford.net

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