The Distinguished Unit Citation for


3rd Battalion, 399th Infantry Regiment


is authorized by Department of the Army General Order 45-52

The 3d Battalion, 399th Infantry Regiment, is cited for outstanding accomplishment in action on 18 April 1945 in the vicinity of Beilstein, Germany. Assigned the mission of capturing the isolated, practically inaccessible hill mass of Fohlenberg which dominated the entire 16,000-yard front of the regiment, the 3d Battalion moved out from an assembly area 5,000 yards from the objective and, advancing cross-country over heavily wooded, semimountainous terrain, penetrated the line of enemy outposts to reach the high ground of Steinberg. After charging down the open, precipitous southern slopes of Steinberg under a relentless hail of accurate enemy fire, the 3d Battalion climbed to assault and capture an intermediate objective, the thickly wooded hill of Kubelsteiger. The 3d Battalion, determined to accomplish its mission despite numerous casualties and the uninterrupted severity of enemy fire, maintained the momentum of its attack and continued across the open terrain between between Kubelsteiger and Fohlenberg, then fought its way up the steep slopes to the summit. A steady downpourof enemy artillery and heavy mortar shells failed to daunt the drive of the 3d Battalion and, although taxed beyond the normal limit of endurance, it met and determinedly repelled a vicious hostile counterattack and proceeded to secure the entire summit of Fohlenberg. The brilliant coordination and teamwork of all elements which characterized the drive of the 3d Battalion resulted in the capture of this important objective, and played a major role in converting the difficult attack of the regiment against a continuous line into a lightning pursuit which completely routed the disorganized enemy and carried the division into the outskirts of the city of Stuttgart., The gallantry, esprit de corps,an unremitting determination of the members of the 3d Battalion, 399th Infantry Regiment are in keeping with the finest traditions of the United States Army.