The Distinguished Unit Citation for


3d Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment


is authorized by War Department General Order 11-46

The 3d Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment, is cited for outstanding accomplishment in combat during the period 3 to 12 April 1945 in the vicinity of Heilbronn, Germany. After crossing the Neckar River by assault boat, the battalion secured a bridgehead and prepared to hold its position when intense enemy artillery and mortar barrages landed with almost pinpoint precision on the crossing site, making further use of assault boats impossible and isolating the battalion. Simultaneously wave after wave of hostile troops, an entire regiment in strength, counterattacked, and the weight of the numerically-superior foe forced the battalion to withdraw to the river's edge. Despite heavy losses, remnants of the battalion reorganized and, when the Germans stopped to dig in, attacked again and retook most of the lost ground. Every night for five nights the enemy attacked, trying desperately to regain the east bank, but each time they were thrown back. On one occasion, after a three-mile-long column of enemy troops and vehicles poured into the lines, the Germans charged with reckless and fanatical zeal, and succeeded in making a slight penetration. Committing its reserves, the battalion stopped the attack and reestablished its lines. By the individual heroism and intrepidity of the officers and men of this command, the depleted battalion held the bridgehead for eight days and nights under continuous and savage shelling, enabling the division to push other troops across the river and insure the success of the vital operation. The accomplishment of the 3d Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment reflects the highest traditions of the Army of the United States. (General Orders 277, Headquarters 100th Infantry Division, 9 November 1945, as approved by the Commanding General, European Theater (Main).)