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Way over a year ago I said that I was working on materials about the 325th Engineers and especially Company C where my father, Gordon Morse, served. It's turned out to be a big job to do in my spare time, so I have created a web site to record my progress in piecing things together. It's at www.325thengineers.com I would love to hear from anyone who can help identify the photos as they go up, but any help or feedback is more than welcome. It will be steadily changing, especially the latter pages because there's quite a bit that I haven't scanned yet or figured out where it fits in.
Tricia Morse <tricia2@mindspring.com>
Chicago, IL US - Sunday, April 27, 2003 at 06:23:56 (PDT)
My dad was a company clerk for the 325th Medical Battalion, Company A, Charles William "Pete" Cropley. He died when I was 7, so I never got to talk to him about his experiences in the war.
John Cropley <johnnyz@pacbell.net>
Valley Village, CA USA - Thursday, April 24, 2003 at 02:20:26 (PDT)
My Dad, 2d Lieutenant Peter P. Petracco, Company E, Germany lost his life in Germany please contact me if you knew him, I would like to know more about what kind of man he was. I will never know what kind of Dad he would have been.
Peter Petracco Jr. <Petrock@tellurian.net>
McAfee, NJ USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2003 at 21:48:34 (PDT)
Attention: AL HYMAN or A L HYMAN - I've just had an e-mail note from a Frenchman indicating that he's found your water bottle (canteen) in the forest of Reyerswiller (we spelled it Reyersviller) which is very near Bitche. He asked me to locate you and find out if you'd like to have it back. If you are A. Hyman or know of him please contact me. I suspect that Hyman was either in our 398th or the 399th Regiment or one of their supporting units.
Lewis "Doc" Emerson <lemerson@juno.com>
Oak Ridge, TN USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2003 at 17:23:09 (PDT)
I just purchased the Story of the Century, and wondered if it would be helpful to have an Excell spreadsheet database with all the member's names, ranks, addresses, decorations, etc from the roster in the book? It would be a big job, but if there is some value to the Centurymen, I might attempt it!
Eric D. Johnson <eric.johnson1@rrd.com>
New York, NY USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2003 at 07:42:42 (PDT)
My father served in K Co 398 Infantry Regiment 44-45. He was awarded a Purple Heart and a CIB, which he was very proud of. He and others like him were truly part of the Greatest Generation.
MSG Jim Irwin <jirwin0827@aol.com>
Greenwood , IN USA - Monday, April 21, 2003 at 07:10:19 (PDT)
My dad,John E. Canavan served with Co.A 398th ,100th Div.He was captured in Wingen sur Moder,France in Dec 1944.I would love to hear from anyone who has more information about the unit,or who served with him. He was taken to Stalag XII A,in Limburg Germany.I hope to here something soon. This is a Great site, Thank you. Mike
Mike Canavan <gunslinger51@aol.com>
Fort Worth , TX USA - Saturday, April 19, 2003 at 19:07:14 (PDT)
My Dad was Ernest C. CARTER (from Savannah, GA and now deceased) and he was a member of the 100th Infantry Division at one time. Believe he also was a member of an artillery division as well. I have some of his books and photos of his wartime years of service that I can share, but only as copies. Will keep the originals within the family. Bob Carter
Bob Carter <gravehunter@triad.rr.com>
Greensboro, NC USA - Friday, April 18, 2003 at 17:22:21 (PDT)
My father, George J. Abbate was a sargeant in the 397th (Compnay M). He passed away on July 18, 2000. Where can I obtain more specific info/photos of Company M personnel?
Mary Anne Abbate <offices@dpsuites.com>
Rockaway, NJ USA - Friday, April 18, 2003 at 16:52:21 (PDT)
Thank you for producing such a down to earth site. As a writer I can tell you are a skilled communicator. Thanks again.
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Davenport, New York US - Friday, April 18, 2003 at 12:58:20 (PDT)
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- Friday, April 18, 2003 at 06:25:30 (PDT)
398th Inf.
Walter H. Flannery
Concord, MA USA - Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 11:50:06 (PDT)

Great website. My father Walter Wilhelmi drove a tank and served in Co "A" of the 776th.
Susan Wilhelmi Pugh <smwpugh@aol.com>
Bradenton, CA - Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 08:22:40 (PDT)
I have found interesting original articles and photos of the orchestra led by my father Sgt. Frank Hanshaw of the 399th. The band actually formed in the States, carried the instruments to Europe.....and played at the end of the war. All were combat infantry and yet kept the instruments. I would like to forward these to the appropriate parties.
Frank W. Hanshaw 111 <fwh52@hotmail.com>
Houston, TX 77027 - Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 08:48:45 (PDT)
Very nice site. My grandfather died in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes on January 16, 1945. Of all his division patches I have inhereted, the 100th Infantry Division was one of them. He was also in the 6th Armored Division. If the name William Frances King rings a bell for any of you veterans out there, please contact me. Thanks Jonathan
Jonathan <thedude7778@yahoo.com>
Winter Park, FL USA - Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 01:34:54 (PDT)
EVINGTON, VA USA - Friday, April 11, 2003 at 16:17:55 (PDT)
My first visit,and I have a strong feeling for all the those in the infantry.
GEORGE E. King <keg181@aol.com>
Hartford, CT usa - Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 19:01:52 (PDT)
Would like to contact person looking for information on Henry L Bader Jr. email Jbash1080@aol.com
Jay L Bashore <Jbash1080@aol.com>
Palmyra, Pa usa - Monday, April 07, 2003 at 16:12:02 (PDT)
Very nice site dedicated to all-american men who should be remembered for thier accomplisments.
David Sayre <dave5573@hotmail.com>
Columbus, Oh - Monday, April 07, 2003 at 06:44:57 (PDT)
My dad, Robert "Bud" Potter served in the 100th. He's now 88 and suffering from mild dementia. When we moved him back to Wisconsin from North Carolina a few years ago, his copy of The Story of the Century was misplaced, and he wants another copy badly. I know we can get a reprint, but I was hoping to find someone with a used copy willing to sell the same for a reasonable price. If you have more info, please contact me at mpsinger@ameritech.net. Thanks.
Marcia Potter Singer <mpsinger@ameritech.net>
- Monday, April 07, 2003 at 06:16:06 (PDT)
Thank you for your web site. My father, Capt. Donald E. Shirkey, was in the 100th and because of your site I now know more about him and his service.
Robert H. Shirkey <sundownerm@aol.com>
Mason, MI USA - Tuesday, April 01, 2003 at 19:09:25 (PST)
My grandfather PFC. Fred Colbert was in the 398th regiment, 100th Infantry, Co. L. He recently passed and would never talk about the war. We have always wondered what he got his bronze star for and he would never talk about it so if anyone knows anything about it please feel free to email me. Thanks
Chris Liberti <clibert@pacbell.net>
Fremont, CA - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 21:38:07 (PST)
great site!
Seth Roth
Phoenix, AZ USA - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 17:33:46 (PST)
Adding to my previous post. I am the Nephew of Donald N. Hollander. He was with Company B of the 399th. The reason I wish to contact Mr. Robert Garsian is that my mother recently showed me a letter written by him to my grandmother. Mr. Garsian was with my uncle when he was shot and killed. The letter was powerful and emotional. I wept. I wish to thank Mr. Garsian or share this letter with his family. I have little to remember my uncle by, as my mother tells that my grandparents were so distraught that nearily all his belongings were disgarded. Any photos of Company B of the 399th would be greatly appreciated. What a wonderful website.
Donald F. Moore <czrethh@yahoo.com>
Hopewell, VA USA - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 16:52:05 (PST)
I am the nephew of Pvt. Donald N. Hollander who was KIA on March 16, 1945 in France while serving with the 399th Inf. Reg. of the 100th Inf. Div. I would very much like to hear from Robert Garsian who served with my uncle in the 399th Inf. Reg. , or a family member of Mr. Garsian, or anyone who knew my uncle.
Donald F. Moore <czrethh@yahoo.com>
Hopewell, VA USA - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 16:09:49 (PST)
Impressed with the achievements in such a short period of time.
Bill Davis
Eagleville, PA USA - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 09:25:04 (PST)
Nice Site. Very interesting!!!
Michael P Christiana <MPCHRISTIANA@MSN.COM>
Westford, Ma USA - Saturday, March 29, 2003 at 14:03:56 (PST)
My father, 1Sgt Caleb Wesley Grant, served with the 325th Combat Engineers, C Company, I think. You have a great website honoring the men of the 100th Division, WW2. I have the book that was given to my father and I am interested in becoming a member.
Albert W. Grant <awgrant@comcast.net>
Goose Creek, SC USA - Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 18:30:45 (PST)
Just signing the guest book! Was in cannon company 399th.
Joe Reynolds <josephrey1@aol.com>
Marietta, GA USA - Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 07:45:46 (PST)
FAther was with 100th..William Risinger.. still alive... lives in Sullivan IN
William Hood <hoodlum8_2000@yahoo.com>
VA USA - Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 17:35:47 (PST)
Missing You All. 1002nd Training Detachment Rock Hard!!
Octavia L. Houston <octavia.houston@hq.transcom.mil>
Scott Air Force Base, IL US - Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 10:03:27 (PST)
My Dad is Lawrence M. Levinson, who served as a captain (S-2)and intelligence officer in the 325th Engineers Combat Battalion, Headquarters Company under Captain James O'Neal, Jr. I am writing a family history and would love to make contact with any men who served with my Dad (who is alive and well, though frail) to obtain personal anecdotes about Dad and HQ Company, especially about the taking of Fort Schiesseck and Heilbronn. Anybody who can remember when Dad was promoted to Major (in Germany after the war) or what he won his Bronze Star for will be especially thanked. Thank you very much. You veterans have a lot to be proud of.
Laura Levinson Smith <Laura.Smith@nyu.edu>
New York, NY USA - Sunday, March 23, 2003 at 14:53:34 (PST)
Was menber of Co L 398 Inf from Sept 44 until war ended in Aug 1945.
Merle W Kribbs (Buster) <MKribbs@msn.com>
Dublin, Tx Erath - Sunday, March 23, 2003 at 04:43:38 (PST)
My late brother was interred in plot c row 11 grave 419 at Neiederbronn, France before being re-interred at home.Any info re: this cemetary?
dallas b trammell <dbtrammell@aol.com>
cazenovia, ny us - Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 05:39:47 (PST)
Between november 1944 and march 1945, there was an artillery division based in Montbronn, in charge of guns (type 105 or 155 mm) located 1) close to the road going from Montbronn to Soucht, a couple of yards away from the village in an area called "Ziegelscheuer", 2) at the "Metschbrueck", in a zone between Montbronn, Rohrbach-les-Bitche and Rahling. As far as my grandmother remembers, an officer came sometimes to make sure the inhabitants did open their windows to prevent them from exploding when the guns did operate. The soldiers in charge of these guns used to hide in the forests around, sometimes they lived at the locals homes. One of these soldiers' first name was HUBERT, his family name "WALCEK", or something similar. He spoke a fluent french as his mother was french (born in Lyon) and got married to an american soldier of WWI. He and his company left Montbronn by the middle of march. Later in march he had to be taken to Villemin-Hospital in Nancy. Does anybody know which company/battery was based in these positions and, even better, who did know Hubert "Walcek"? Thanks a lot for remembering...
Jean-Claude GUEHL <jcguehl@planetis.com>
Montbronn, France - Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 15:15:53 (PST)
My Uncle Melvin Denham served in the 100th ID 399th IR F Company. I had the pleasure of once listening to him talk about his experiences during the war. His daughter once recorded him telling his grand children about his experiences which I have a copy of. I had another Uncle captured at Corregidor and my father actually joined the Marines three weeks before VJ day. I think this is why I have spent my entire life learning about WW2. I would enjoy talking to anybody who may have know my Uncle Melvin. Thank you for all you did so I could live the way I do today.
Christopher W Shill <cshill2@cox.net>
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 - Monday, March 17, 2003 at 15:17:20 (PST)
March 16, 2003, 58 years today that you released Bitche. It was only one stage in your Europe campaign at the time when you enter to Germany. whereas the political relations between our countries is somewhat disturbed, that one does not forget your sacrifices. The loss of men of value, sufferings, the sacrifice of the youth of a great number among you. Thank you is a too weak word for you who crossed the océan to make your duty. But what we can do modestly is to keep you in memory J.F. KIMMEL Young man of Bitche Jean-francois.kimmel@wanadoo.fr
KIMMEL Jean-François <jean-francois.kimmel@wanadoo.fr>
Bitche, FRANCE - Sunday, March 16, 2003 at 07:07:39 (PST)
My name is Linda BERGMANN. I live in Wingen sur Moder, Alsace France. I am the local historian concern WW2. I am member of the 70th Division Association and I have some friends in the 100th Division, A/398, Cal Norman, Bob KRAMER..I prepare a Museum concern the events of December 44 and January 45. I have plenty of documents concern January. I need pictures, documents concern December and also testimonies. If some of you will return to Wingen's area, you are welcome in my home. I can show the positions of December and also the positions during the battle of January 3th to 7th. We will never forget what the American did for our Liberte and for peace. Thanks a lot, A friend in Alsace. Linda BERGMANN.
Linda BERGMANN <motos.bergmann@wanadoo.fr>
WINGEN S/MODER, FRANCE - Saturday, March 08, 2003 at 11:53:36 (PST)
Rich F
Rich Farinelli <air7thcav@aol.com>
holtwood , Pa usa - Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 13:40:04 (PST)
i am looking for info about my uncles in the 100th Div in WW II. James or Vincent Biliki. thanks Rich F
Rich Farinelli <air7thcav@aol.com>
holtwood , Pa usa - Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 13:38:48 (PST)
My grandfather was msgt Herbert J. Layman. He served with the 325th Engineers C Company. He passed when I was just a little tyke, so I never had the chance to know him. I am interested in any information about my grandfather and the 325th. During the war, the 325th was involved with the 399th Combat Team that also included the 925thFA. All info that includes the 325th, and especially my grandfather, is very much appreciated. Thanks and God bless all that fight and have fought for freedom.
Jaime Layman <jdlayman@yahoo.com>
Rocky Mount, NC USA! - Friday, February 21, 2003 at 20:33:56 (PST)
My father, John B. Dixon, served in the 159th Infantry Regiment, 100th Division in WWII. He died in 1960, and I am looking for information about his regiment and military service. All I have are his discharge papers. Is there somewhere I could go to find out more information? I tried contacting the Army and they said that all the records were destroyed in some warehouse fire in St. Louis several years ago.
Diane Burton <Dburton@lamar.colostate.edu>
Fort Collins, CO USA - Friday, February 21, 2003 at 07:53:33 (PST)
CHICAGO, IL USA - Sunday, February 16, 2003 at 19:50:44 (PST)
I just got a computer and I am going to try to keep in touch with my army buddies.
John Ugorcak <JUgorcak@aol.com>
Canton, MI USA - Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 18:42:08 (PST)
I am trying to do some research on my great uncle, Pfc. Lovell J. Mentzer. He was KIA in Germany and was with the Seventh Army. I would appreciate any help in finding information on Lovell. Thank You Jonas J. Mentzer
Jonas J. Mentzer <jdmentzer@hotmail.com>
Overbrook, KS United States - Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 06:34:10 (PST)
My name is Richard Edwards, son of Gomer R. Edwards, Company A, 325th Engineers Combat Battalion, 100th Division. My father is now in very poor health and my wife and I are working to develop information about his service. Like many others, he never talked about his experiences. I am very proud of his service and would like to collect any information for his three year old grandson. My mailing address is 1750 Clydesdale Circle, Yardley, PA 19067. Thank you in advance for your interest and help.
Richard N. Edwards <r.edwards@pobox.com>
Yardley, PA USA - Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 10:07:20 (PST)
My late father Nick Cheliotes was a Technician Sargeant in the Century Division. He was a cook but I don't know what unit he was in. He lived in Jamaica, Queens, New York when he entered the Army. How do I confirm his service?
Arthur Cheliotes <arthurcheliotes@aol.com>
Bayside, NY USA - Monday, February 10, 2003 at 21:17:09 (PST)
My father, Dominic (Dom) Marco, was a member of the 399th, Co H and was a staff sergeant. Anyone who knew him or knew of him and would be willing to share their memories of him would be greatly appreciated. He passed away 11/27/94.
Pat Marco <PascalMarco@aol.com>
Fountain Hills, AZ USA - Monday, February 10, 2003 at 19:17:03 (PST)
My Grandfather was in the 399th, Alex F. LaVier
Ryan T. Pritchard <ryan.pritchard@tm.net>
Midland, MI USA - Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 09:03:17 (PST)
The following obituary was published in today's (02-04-03) edition of the Amsterdam (NY) The Recorder.
John H. Hanna
February 1, 2003

Mr. John H. Hanna, 82, of Stewart Street, died Saturday evening at the Edward L. Wilkinson Residential Health Care Facility in Amsterdam.

Born May 1, 1920 in Ballygargen, Portadown, North Ireland, he was the son of John and Annie Thompson Hanna. He lived most of his life in Amsterdam and was a graduate of the Wilbur H. Lynch High School.

Mr. Hanna was a U.S. Army Veteran of WWII, serving in the 100th Division and took part in the campaigns and battles of Central Europe and the Rhineland, receiving a Bronze Star Medal.

He was first employed at Mohawk Carpet Mills in Amsterdam for over thirty years, in the quality control department. Later he was employed at General Electric Company in Schenectady as a clerk in inventory for ten years until retiring in 1982.

Mr. Hanna was a communicant of the former St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church and also of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church in Amsterdam.

He cherished his grandchildren, his pride and joy was involved in all their activities and interest, especially their sports games. In his early years he enjoyed playing hockey with his close friends of the Rockton Y and later enjoyed getting together with the Rockton Group. He looked forward to family vacations in Wildwood, New Jersey and loved the ocean. He was a Red Socks Baseball and a Boston Bruins Hockey fan and he liked hunting and gardening.

Mr. Hanna was married on June 13, 1953 to the former, Pearl A. Derinsky.

Besides his wife, he is survived by two daughters, Joan Lee VanWie and her husband William Jr. of Hagaman as well as Suzanne Playford and her husband Walter Jr. of Amsterdam; two grandchildren, William John VanWie and Jonathan Hanna VanWie; several nieces, nephews and cousins also survive.

He was predeceased by his infant daughter Janet Lee Hanna in 1954 and his brothers, Samuel and Alfred.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday at 8:15 a.m. at the Betz, Rossi & Bellinger Family Funeral Hone Inc., 171 Guy Park Avenue, Amsterdam, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial to be celebrated at 9:15 a.m. at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Amsterdam.

Burial will take place in St. Joseph's Cemetery.

The family will receive relatives and friends on Tuesday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the funeral home.

A Legacy Candle Ceremony will be held at 6:00 p.m. that evening.

Memorial contributions may be made in his memory to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Memorial Fund or to a charity of one's choice.

Frederick R. Miller, PH1, USN Ret 55-73 <joker528@nycap.rr.com>
Ballston Spa, NY United States of America - Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 07:42:56 (PST)
Edward Grzelecki, 399th Infantry Regiment, was my great uncle. I recently began searching for any information I could find on him. His sister, my grandmother is still alive and has never been to France to visit the memorials. I am planning a trip to visit later this year and discovered this site in my research. If anyone served with him I would be very interested in hearing from you, as I know my mother and grandmother would also. Thank you.
Todd Majer <temaj923@yahoo.com>
Hudson, MA USA - Monday, February 03, 2003 at 17:39:37 (PST)
My father is John McGarry. He was with the 399th, Co F.
Thomas J. Mcgarry <tjmcg3@yahoo.com>
Camden, SC USA - Friday, January 24, 2003 at 10:43:36 (PST)
I refer to my posting at July 26,02 regarding water color paintings, done by my late father and presented by Gustav Seebich to officers based in the Goeppingen/Ebersbach area of Wuerttemberg in 1946/47. Unfortunately no replies up to now. But the daughter of Gustav Seebich told me now of a Cpt. Herman Thomas Crane, Chief Labor Supervision Center on Ebersbach. She remembers the captain was presented a painting of the Veitskirche in Ebersbach. Does anybody know Cpt. Crane's adress or family to put me in contact with. Thank you. Hansjoachim
Hansjoachim Sauer <Sauerconsult@t-online.de>
Karlsbad, Germany - Friday, January 24, 2003 at 02:56:06 (PST)
Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :) Joe D.
Joe <j_dirt@hotmail.com>
Memphis, TN US - Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 17:04:50 (PST)
My grand father, James MacNay, who is still alive and well in retirement in Black River, NY, served as a Sgt. and battlefield commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 100th, 398th,B Co. from the beginning of the war to the end of the occupation. He recieved many medals, especially for his leadership in the final assault on the Maginot citadel fortress at Bitche, France. I am his grand son and wanted to sincerely thank you for your outstanding website. We were able to find the burial location of a close friend of my grandfather, whom he lost in combat at his side on Nov. 19, 1944 in France. His name was Tech Sgt Frank Grackus. My grand father has always wondered if he was found or missing. He is a proud member of the "Sons Of Bitche" and carries his card to this day. I also have one. Thank you so much to the members of the 100th for all of your sacrifices back then for all of us today. It will never be forgotten. Markus Martin Adams Center, NY US - Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 16:57:33 (PDT) I would appreciate if Markus would get in touch with me My Father and His grandfather are cousins. They lost touch with each other. I am part of the Canadian branch of the McNay/MacNay family
Dona Crawford <dona.cra4d@sympatico.ca>
Katrine, ON Canada - Saturday, January 18, 2003 at 19:44:38 (PST)
I want to say THANK YOU! to the gentlemen who e-mailed me in answer to my question about Harold C. Johnson. You were very kind and answered my question. I really appreciate it, and you, and all you did very much. Thanks again. This is a terrific website. It is informative and helpful and I think pretty much all you could ask it to be!
Bruce Johnson
Middletown, NJ USA - Monday, January 13, 2003 at 09:24:06 (PST)
My name is eddie morris. I am here to say that my Grandfather William F. Burke has passed away.
Eddie Morris
Braintree, Ma - Friday, January 10, 2003 at 19:31:27 (PST)
My uncle Donald Boden was part of the 100th infantry division wounded in france in ww2. I am searching for info on him and his unit and where and how he was wounded. Can you help?
kirk boden <k.boden@attbi.com>
bolingbrook, il usa - Friday, January 10, 2003 at 12:19:32 (PST)
My father was Duard E. McFarland, Company a of the 398th Regiment. He passed away in 1995. I greatly appreciate this web site and being able to learn the history of his combat experience in WW2. You have done an excellent job on this web site and I know many will appreciate it as I have and will. Thank you.
Gary McFarland <gmcfarland@goletawater.com>
Goleta, CA USA - Tuesday, January 07, 2003 at 13:46:49 (PST)
My grandfather(who has inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. in military history) served with the 399th, Co. E as a Rifleman. His name is (Pvt) Chester R. Wilson. He was also on the Division Softball team after the war. I would love to hear from anyone who might have known, or served with him. I would also love to hear from anyone who knew Sgt. William Pecunas, KIA 12/9/44. I ask this not only to hear more about my grandfather and the 100th, but also because he has alzheimer's very badly. However, he does does remember, and loves to talk about the war. The more I can "remind" him of, the better the day he has. Thanks!
TroyJ. Sacquety <sacquety@starpower.net>
Leesburg, VA - Thursday, January 02, 2003 at 18:23:35 (PST)
I saw that my message regarding Harold ("Buck") Buckley did not list my email. It is: jbuckley@nlrg.com My mailing address is: 2421 Ivy Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902
John F. Buckley <jfbucklet4@aol.com>
Charlottesville, VA 22903 - Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 13:36:59 (PST)
Thank you!! This history /web page is the best of any history of a division I have read. I have read them all. My hat is off to you members of the 100th. Very well done!!!!
Michael Orcutt <michael.orcutt@mnsu.edu>
Mankato, MN USA - Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 09:47:09 (PST)
My grandfather, Harold James Price (Pfc.), according to his discharge paper, he was in the 397th Anti-Tank Company of the 100th Division. I don't believe he started out in the 100th, but he went into service in 1942 and got out in 1945. I wanted to try to learn more about what his company did in the war. He has told me he manned a bazooka a lot of the time. If anyone has any information please email me. If you served with him, I am sure he would like to hear from you as well. He goes by "Jim" now, as I asume he did in the war.
Clay Price <decleater@hotmail.com>
Norton, VA USA - Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 08:42:24 (PST)
My grandfather, Harold James Price (Pfc.), served in the Anti-Tank Company in the 397th of the 100th Division. I believe he manned a bazooka in his company atleast part of the time. If anyone knew him, please contact me, so I can put you in touch with him. He probably went by "Jim".
Clay Price <decleater@hotmail.com>
- Monday, December 30, 2002 at 06:46:37 (PST)

My father, Harold ("Buck") Buckley, was the Editor of the Century Sentinal in 1944 and part of 1945. He was also the Editor of the Hatchet, the newsletter passed out on the George Washingon on the way over to Marseille. He passed away in 1990, and was always very proud of his service with the 100th division. If anyone has any stories about him, or anything that was particularly meaningful to them about the Sentinel or the Hatchet, please contact me. Also, I would love to hear from anyone with stories about Andy Sarosy, one of my father's best friends after the war. This is a wonderful site, and I very much appreciate all the work that has gone into it. Thanks, John Buckley.
John Buckley
Charlottesville, VA USA - Friday, December 27, 2002 at 10:25:19 (PST)
My students would like to interview some members of the 100th via e-mail at their convenience. Michael A. Brooks Tecumsuh6@cs.com
Michael A. Brooks
Bell Gardens, CA U.S.A. - Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 05:59:20 (PST)
staff sergeant MARTIN FELDMAN was my grandfather. He has passed away a couple of years ago. This site has taught me much about his past and what i did not know. To all that served & who currently serve today, thank you.
matt feldman
ny, ny usa - Wednesday, December 18, 2002 at 07:53:20 (PST)
Would like to hear from anyone in the 100th MP platoon
Frederick Mills <fredmab@aol.com>
Sun City West , Az. USA - Friday, December 13, 2002 at 12:32:38 (PST)
I am so glad that I finally found this web site my grandfather served in the 398th at bitche and I know he got the bronze star for carrying his squad leader back to a aid station under mortor fire and then led the squad into the next pillbox. If there is anyone who knows Herbert Ragan Jr. or anything about this day 14 Dec '44 please E-mail me. I just lost my pop 9-2-02 and found all this out while going thru his letters and papers. Thank you so much for having this site and all the great stories and info THANK YOU.
phila, pa usa - Wednesday, December 04, 2002 at 20:05:33 (PST)
The website is very nice,and informative.my stepfather served in the 399th.co.a.we are making a photo album for christmas for him.his name is carl e. daledovich he was a sergeant. thankyou again
thomas g pickett <tsamoht@hotmail.com>
tool, tx u.s.a. - Wednesday, December 04, 2002 at 19:59:05 (PST)
To Whom It May Concern, I was wondering if there was any way of finding out what regiment of the 100th Div. my father was in. His name was Harold C. Johnson and he was a staff sergeant during the war. I no longer have access to any other information. Thank you.
Bruce Johnson <JAYFOUR16@msn.com>
Middletown, NJ USA - Wednesday, December 04, 2002 at 09:05:18 (PST)
LIBERTY, NY 12754 - Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 20:20:14 (PST)
Was the 100th in the area of Bruchsal-Baden, Germany in 1945? I am trying to find out information on my father, Tech 5 Walter Wiswar. In March 1945, he was with the 159th Inf Reg when it arrived in France. The 159th was then assigned to the 106th Inf Div. I have no records or documentation as to where he was stationed or to what unit after that except on his separation papers he was in the 399th Inf Reg, 100 Div on Jan 4, 1946. In his scrapbook there is a post card of Bruchsal. There are pictures of buildings of the town on it and he had written in barracks and mess hall under 2/5 pictures. I thought knowing that he was probably in Bruchsal sometime in 1945, I could find out what unit he was assigned (100th ?).
David Wiswar <David_Wiswar@fws.gov>
Fairbanks, AK U.S.A. - Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 16:57:00 (PST)
Hi, I'm French, born in Bitche, and living not far from there. Bitche is the little town which has the honor of being the origin of the association "Sons of Bitche", of which you can read the story on your site...

During WWII (January 45), an americain bomber hit by the german Flak crashed close to my parent's house. As a little kid, I remember playing at that place, and even finding some debris in the late 1970's. I recently learned some more about the crash.Three crewmen were killed, one was able to survive hidden in the woods for 8 days with two broken legs. He was found by the local forest ranger, and could be sent to an hospital. After the war, he sent a picture showing him with amputated legs, somewhere in an american hospital. This picture is owned by the daughter of the forest ranger, who has no more information about this story. I would like to try to identify this guy....

1- I'm unable to correctly read his name on the back of the picture. Barden, Bardin, .... Can somebody help???
2- Has someone some suggestions on how to proceed / whom to contact to make researches on this guy?? There must be a way!
100th Division was there at that time (during Norwind counteroffensive). Are there archives of the Division where it would be possible to find info on the crash, or at least info on what airgroup was in charge of the area at that time? Scans of the picture and signature can be seen at http://perso.wanadoo.fr/mdmpb/Crash1945/pictures.htm Thanks for any kind of help!

Lt Colonel (CR) Michel Bour

Michel BOUR <michelbour@wanadoo.fr>
Bitche, France - Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 00:52:35 (PST)
Hello my name is Pete age 49 former Marine. I am somewhat of a WW2 buff, I enjoy e-mailing and talking to Veterans who served in WWII whether on land, air, or sea. I usually like to find out what you did, what rank you had, length of service, and what battles you fought in. I then try to find this information that I can download from the internet or I offer to pay for a few picture that you can get copy, I also try to get at least one picture of yourself and ask f you would sign it for me. I also will send you a SASE if that will help you out. I e-mail veterans from all nations that fought in WW2. This is strictly a hobby, I do not sell or publish to make a profit on anyone's name. This is my way of having my own library on WW2 veterans and my tribute to those men, because we lose so many WW2 veterans every day all this history goes with them. If this is ok with you please e-mail me back. I would appreciate it. You guys are the men that I look up to as heroes.

Here's something about me: I was born in San Francisco 1953. I have lived in California all of my life. I graduated from High School in 1972 and I joined the Marine Corps, stayed in for 5 years and became a sergeant. I was in the infantry O331 (M 60 machine gunner) or better known as a super grunt. After I got out, I went into the Army National Guard and was in the medical battalion for three years. After the service I went into the medical field in 1980. My first nine years were working the streets of East Los Angeles or better known as The Gun and Knife Club. I spent two years working in the trauma center n the emergency room. In 1989 my family and I moved out to the desert (Indio, near Palm Springs). From there I went to work for Eisenhower Medical Center also in the emergency room for the last 11 years. I spent five years as a volunteer fire fighter for the county of Riverside. Where I become a State Firefighter 1. My wife also works at Eisenhower for a private doctor. My wife and I have been married almost 23 years. I have a 17-year old daughter who is in her last year of High School and a 14- year old son who is in his first year of High School. As of April of this year after nearly 22 years of medical work. I quit and went back to school full time to earn a second degree but I am not sure what that degree will be. A few of my hobbies other than e-mailing and writing WW 2 veterans, I build model ships all from WW 2 period and nations. At last count I had at least 70 finished with at least 10 that I have not yet started. I have my own small library of military books mostly references. I also volunteer at the Palm Springs Air Museum, which is dedicated to all WW 2 veterans. I go there once or twice a week after school. Now you know a little bit about me.

PETE MINIX <warships89@msn.com>
Indio, CA USA - Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 23:09:06 (PST)
The following obituary was published in today's (11-21-02) edition of the Albany (NY) Times Union - www.timesunion.com

Gillespie, Reverend Stephen Walker KEESEVILLE, N.Y.
-- The Reverend Stephen Walker Gillespie, 77, of the Highlands Road, Keeseville, died Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at his home. He was born in Troy, June 21, 1925, the son of Duncan Angus and Martha (Lee) Gillespie. He served in the United States Army during World War II in the 100th Infantry Division in France and Germany and received the Purple Heart. Reverend Gillespie graduated from Union College in Schenectady and General Seminary in New York City. He was ordained in 1953 by Bishop Frederick Barry. He served at St. John's in Troy and St. Matthew's in Latham. Following 25 years of service, he retired and in 1978 began his service at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Keeseville in 1978. He is survived by two nieces, Barbara Trigg Donela of Pownal, Vt. and Cynthia Peacock of Bennington, Vt.; one nephew, Christopher B. Trigg of Rupert, Vt.; and several grandnieces and grandnephews.

A funeral Mass will be held Friday, Nov. 22, 2002 at 11 a.m. with the Suffragan Bishop David J. Bena officiating at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Keeseville. Military honors and burial will follow in the Port Douglas Cemetery. Donations in his memory may be made to the St. Paul's Memorial Fund. Arrangements by the Hamilton Funeral Home, Keeseville.

Frederick R. Miller, PH1, USN Ret 55-73 <joker528@nycap.rr.com>
Ballston Spa, NY United States of America - Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 02:55:06 (PST)
Any survivors of the battle at bitche that knew my father, PFC Thomas J. Mohr?
Tom Mohr <tmohrh2o@aol.com>
Veradale, Wa USA - Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 20:45:31 (PST)
Son of Elmer A Werner(deceased)a menber of the 100th. Looking for surviving members of his unit
Roger E Werner <rogwerner@juno.com>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 17:20:58 (PST)
Would very much like to hear from anyone who recalls my father James L. Dinsmore in the 100th Division, 398th Infantry regiment, Headquarter's Co., anti-tank platoon. He was a "S.O.B." from serving in Bitche, France. If by any chance you have any photos of him and/or his unit I'd love to get copies which I would gladly cover the costs.
God Bless the U.S.A., the 100th Division and everyone else who served to protect our great nation.

Chris D.

Christopher J. Dinsmore <dinsmore@megalink.net>
ME U.S.A. - Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 14:15:06 (PST)
Hello, i found this very nice site during my research of the Battle of Heilbronn. It will be very nice if someone can help me with pictures, G2, G3 Reports, or Stories. I have some G3 Reports here from the 100th but not all. I can support you with the german documents, pics etc. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work on this site. Mark
Mark <Mark@chipfinder.de>
Heilbronn, BW Germany - Saturday, November 09, 2002 at 15:02:22 (PST)
I am a war orphin whose dad was killed at Hatten/Rittershoffen,13 Jan.1945 as a member 14th Armored div.My uncle Louis Shelton of the 397th.,and I walked the battlefields at Bitche,Bettviller and,Raon Le Tape,in the winter of 2001.You men are incredible.
William H. Derr Jr. <whderr@aol.com>
Shelby township, Mi. USA - Tuesday, November 05, 2002 at 18:12:01 (PST)
This was a great Division,i was with the 3rd Div.in Germany in 1946
Bob Markward <rmarkward@stny.rr.com>
horseheads, ny usa - Saturday, November 02, 2002 at 02:18:12 (PST)
RALPH C. NOLL <rcnoll@ix.netcom.com>
VENTURA, CA USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 15:45:12 (PDT)

My Dad, Jean(Andy) Bernard of Lawrence, Ma is a memeber of the 397th. (not sure what part). He is living in Bradenton, Florida. When we see him he often speaks about his time overseas with the 397th. We actually have a journal of his time. He always enjoyed the reunions. He recently went to one in Florida. My husband and I actually went to a few at the Concord in the Catskills and it was fun to see all the comradery. Great site thanks
Peggy Niemcewicz <booby25@aol.com>
Bow, NH USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 10:46:28 (PDT)

My Father, Anthony Pionzio was in the 100th Div.,397th, Co.K, and passed away in Jan'93. Like many others who were with him, he spoke little of his experiences to my brother and me. He did receve the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Anyone who knew my Dad or who has information on the 397th,Co.K, please contact me. I do have may photos, with first, last and "nick"names - maybe it is a loved one. Thanks much. Look forward to hearng from you.
Lori Pionzio Forrest <ItalianLori@aol.com>
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 15:10:38 (PDT)

I am a USMC veteran in my late 20's and have always had great admiration for the sacrifices made by Americans during WWII. Just want to say thank you for your courageous service. I wish there were more like you today!
Ryan S. <skyshark114@hotmail.com>
Boise, ID USA - Thursday, October 17, 2002 at 01:19:02 (PDT)

I am looking for any information re. my late father Joseph Fuscaldo. He served with the 925th F.A.Battery A. My father passed away in 1960 when I was 10 yrs. old so any and all information in regards to him would be greatly appreciated. He was born in Cos Cob Conn., his nickname back home was Tiger. Good luck and good health to all those who served with the 100th Inv. Div. and the 925th Field Artillery. Pat Fuscaldo pfuscaldo01@snet.net
Pat Fuscaldo <pfuscaldo01@snet.net>
New Canaan, CT U.S.A. - Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 12:01:53 (PDT)

Dears Veterans, For some weeks, a friend of mine, found with a metal detector a US-Dogtag. It was found by LA BOURGONCE (Vosges), a place where the 30th.U.S.I.R. from the 3rd Inf.Div. Unfortunately, this division didn't have any website, as far as I know... The dogtag contains following elements : "RALPH A MENDE, 36651434 T43 P B". It would be great for me to learn if this soldier survived the war, if he is still living, and so on...Thank your for assistance. Information requested at BURGHOF@wanadoo.fr
HUMBERT <BURGHOF@wanadoo.fr>
BADONVILLER, FRANCE - Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 23:52:29 (PDT)

I'm Trying to find any person who served with my Grandfather Hershal B Deaton (pfc) 100th div/398th infantry I company in france 1945. He was wounded there.
Michael S Ruston <mjntime@aol.com>
Colton, CA United States - Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 17:53:31 (PDT)

I'm searching for Elwood (Andy) Anderson who served with the 100th. He served with a G-detachment at Goppingen FRG April - September 1945. Would love to hear from anyone who has known Andy, knows his whereabouts or has some photos of that time. Best WWII site I have come about. Lest we forget. I can be contacted on Andrew Kunzel Para Vista 5093, Australia
Andrew Kunzel <ankunzel@yahoo.com>
Para Vista 5093, SA Australia - Thursday, October 10, 2002 at 02:55:15 (PDT)

looking for anyone who was with the 925th and may have known my dad James Calvert if so please email me at benjaminbe2002@yahoo.com
jimmy calvert <benjaminbe2002@yahoo.com>
shiloh, n.c. u.s.a. - Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 16:13:42 (PDT)

i am interested in finding out information about my father I believe he was a corporal at the time he was in the 100 division. He never spoke about that time. His name was Paul V. Steele from Gloversville New York. I believe that he was in A Co. of the 397th. If anyone has any information on him it would be greatly appreciated. Sadly he passed away too soon August 1984. He was very proud of being a division member and a Son of Bitch he tried to attend the reunions until his death. Thank you very much for any information that any one might be able to help me with, we are trying to put together information of all the relatives who served so honorably in the U.S. Military.
dawn king <hking3@cfl.rr.com>
indian harbour beach, fl usa - Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 10:43:49 (PDT)

If anyone remembers Norm Foust from East Brady Pa, who was also a friend of Jim Wilson of Illinois. Please let me know. Thanks...Great Website
Norman Foust <nfoust@cadconcepts.net>
Powder Springs, GA US - Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 13:51:30 (PDT)

I was with A CO 397 1st Bat.then with Bat.Hq.I&R platoon with Col.King.
Edmund Lheureux <edmundlheureux @WEBTV>
Macomb , Mi U S A - Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 11:52:14 (PDT)

By far the most comprehensive and helpful website that I have found. The volumes of books and historical material that you make available to the public sure makes it easier to learn about the Century Division and your considerable achievements.
Nevin Ball <nsball@prodigy.net>
Dallas, TX - Sunday, September 29, 2002 at 08:20:30 (PDT)

My dad, John E. Russell (Lt. during the war) asked me to see if I could find out anything about a Robert J. Baxter who was CCO of A Co. 325E. Someone recently called him to see if he knew anything about Mr. Baxter. Other than that, if anyone remembers & wants to get in touch with my dad, I'm sure he'd be glad to hear from them. He says his company was mostly associated with the 397th, & he's a card-carrying "SOB." Was at Raon L'Etape, building bridges. He left the Div. in May of 1945 & was sent to Nice where he ran a crew of POW's and also managed a hotel that was used as military quarters.
Ann C. Russell <gingercrussell@aol.com>
Castro Valley, CA US - Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 18:11:30 (PDT)

My father served in the 100TH. His name was George Martin Kerstetter, born in State College, Pa. I remember many stories which he told us about his service.
Albert A. Kerstetter <akerstetter@mindspring.com>
Durham, NC USA - Friday, September 27, 2002 at 16:14:41 (PDT)

Putting my dad's photos of the 102nd calvary up on the web. I have photos of the unit prior to WWII and through the end of WWII. His unit was redesginated as the 117th Cav recon sq and fought in North Africa, Italy, France and Austria. I have him attached to the 100th from 7 Nov 44 to 26 Nov 44 and 18 Apr 45 - 23 Apr 45. Looking for any details about this unit. 100th Divison web site looks great.
Tom https://mywebpages.comcast.net/Tomrobbins/Tom/AlRobbins1.htm Robbins <tomrobbins@comcast.net>
Havre de Grace, MD United States - Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 17:34:11 (PDT)

My famaly was living in Sindelfingen Germany during world war 2. My grand mother and mother have told me many stories of the occupation troops and how glade they were when the Americans finally came. If any one knows something about Sindelfingen during the this time I would be greatly interested. Thank You very much
wolfgang walther <wolfgang@woodetccorp.com>
irving, tx USA - Sunday, September 15, 2002 at 10:23:46 (PDT)

My grand father, James MacNay, who is still alive and well in retirement in Black River, NY, served as a Sgt. and battlefield commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 100th, 398th,B Co. from the beginning of the war to the end of the occupation. He recieved many medals, especially for his leadership in the final assault on the Maginot citadel fortress at Bitche, France. I am his grand son and wanted to sincerely thank you for your outstanding website. We were able to find the burial location of a close friend of my grandfather, whom he lost in combat at his side on Nov. 19, 1944 in France. His name was Tech Sgt Frank Grackus. My grand father has always wondered if he was found or missing. He is a proud member of the "Sons Of Bitche" and carries his card to this day. I also have one. Thank you so much to the members of the 100th for all of your sacrifices back then for all of us today. It will never be forgotten.
Markus Martin <MM1D1g1@Aol>
Adams Center, NY US - Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 16:57:33 (PDT)

Hello! Amy Catering San Diego California. Thank you for letting me sign your guestbook and thank you for your website. Glad you are here.
San Diego, CA US - Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 13:57:55 (PDT)

Wonderful information. THANK YOU to all who served the U.S.
Carl H. Bradshaw <rz27kg@aol.com>
Franklin, TN US - Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 09:48:14 (PDT)

I am looking for any information on the history of the 100th Division Band. I have recently received some information, but would love to get my hands on more. Thanks for the help!
SGT Randee Stewart <rstewart@100thband.com>
Hamilton, OH USA - Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 12:00:53 (PDT)

My Grandfather was in the 100th Infantry Division his name was George Alfred Stevens Sr. He died of Pneumonia. Within the 100th infantry Division he was in the 399th Infantry Regiment. He carried a bazooka and i also wrote a story about him when he was in WWII. Also his nick name was "Steve". If you have any information send to livebylake@junkmail.com
George A. Stevens III <livebylake@junkmail.com>
Alton, NH United States - Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 18:15:46 (PDT)

Interested in anyone that served with my father in 1945 at Heilbronn. Robert (BOB) Shepherd.
Mike Shepherd <mshepherd@1st.net>
Bethesda, Oh - Sunday, August 25, 2002 at 07:01:19 (PDT)

My Great uncle, Homer Doucet, served in the 800th Ordnance Company. I Have several photos of him and his buddies that I would be happy to provide copies of. I would also be interested if anyone has other photos of that company or if anyone who served with him would like to contact me. Several of the photos are of Sergeant Webb, who I believe was the company mess sergeant.
Charles Waite <cwaite1@houston.rr.com>
Houston, TX USA - Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 17:17:39 (PDT)

My father served with the 100th during WWII. His name is Gaspero "happy" Trainito. I love my father very much and yet he tells me nothing that had happened over there. Please any information you can supply would be greatly appreciated.
Scott Trainito <strainito@attbi.com>
Everett, ma usa - Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 18:20:45 (PDT)

Still hoping to find anyone who knew my late brother Pvt. H. Eric Trammell, rifleman I Co. 397th, who was wounded at a denfensive position near Mouterhouse Dec. 20, 19444 and died Dec. 28. A friend of his was Richard Hamm, BAR man, Co I. He apparently was aided by Medic Birch. Help please!
dallas b trammell <dbtrammell@aol.com>
cazenovia, ny us - Monday, August 12, 2002 at 14:02:13 (PDT)

My dad was in the 100th Recon Group and was wounded in the Vosges Mountains on November 22, 1944.
Walter M. Welenc <wwelenc@corus.jnj.com>
Morris Plains, nj USA - Monday, August 12, 2002 at 05:21:54 (PDT)

ROCKY MOUNT, NC USA - Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 23:40:03 (PDT)

My gradnfather was in the 100th infantry division and I am interested to hear from anyone who may have any stories about him. Sadly he passed away July 14th 2002. Also if you have any pictures or anything you would like to share I would greatly appreciate it. I never really asked about much of his experiences during WWII but I know he was fond of his freinds he served with. Thanks for anything you could share with me. This site is great and I'm glad I ran across it.
Jon B. Fridinger <fridingeriniowa@aol.com>
Cedar Rapids, IA USA - Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 19:02:43 (PDT)

I enjoyed the site very much. A lot of useful information. I am the historian for the U. S. Army Military Police Corps.
Dr. Ronald Craig <craigr@wood.army.mil>
Fort Leonard Wood, MO - Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 10:48:49 (PDT)

I served in the 100th Division, 325 Combat Engineers Company B, 2nd platoon. Sargent with Ranger Badge.
James P. Hamill <KAO616@aol.com>
College Point, ny Queens - Monday, August 05, 2002 at 17:26:09 (PDT)

my dad was pfc James[Jim] England he was in company E 397FB my mother has a letter that he sent telling about when he was on guard duty , and wouldnt let old general patton on base without his id did anyone know Jim he died Dec 4th 1984, he never told us kids anything about his eperirnces if anyone knows about company E 397th please contact me at cr england 289 east court st, slocomb alabama 36375 or fivein38@aol.com
calv[n england <fivein38@aol.com>
slocomb, ala usa - Friday, August 02, 2002 at 19:49:29 (PDT)

I have really enjoyed your web site, my dad never spoke of the war, I was hoping to find out more about his compaqny comp E 397th regiment, and also see what patches he was legal to wear thanks cal
calvin england son of pfc james england 397th <fivein38@aol.com>
slocomb, ala usa - Friday, August 02, 2002 at 19:24:48 (PDT)

A very nice web site. Was proud to see my fathers name in the W.I.A.section. He has pasted away,but through me 100th lives on. He was very proud of his unit.
Timothy W. Uhl <kbar@sunlink.net>
Stroudsburg, Pa USA - Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 15:38:36 (PDT)

I am looking for officers who have been stationed at Goeppingen in 1946/47 and who became acquainted with Gustav Seebich, the mayor of the little town of Ebersbach. His daughter told me her father presented to officers returning to the States watercolor paintings showing motifs of Ebersbach. These paintings were done by my father Hermann Sauer. I am collating information about the whereabout of the paintings done by my father. Therefore I shall be grateful for any information. Thank You. This site was very interesting for me to find, as it shows parts of my personal history as a German youngster. Hans
Hansjoachim Sauer <sauerconsult@t-online.de>
Karlsbad, Germany - Friday, July 26, 2002 at 10:27:26 (PDT)

I'm searching for Elwood (Andy) Anderson who served with the 100th. He served with a G-detachment at Goppingen FRG April - September 1945. Would love to hear from anyone who has known Andy or knows his whereabouts. Best WWII site I have come about. Lest we forget. I can be contacted on
Andrew Kunzel <ankunzel@yahoo.com>
Para Vista 5093, Australia - Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 23:36:39 (PDT)

Greetings to you and your guests. Love what you’ve done with your site. As an educator I can say you have great communication skills.
La Mesa, Ca US - Monday, July 15, 2002 at 22:18:03 (PDT)

My Grandfather was in the 100th division, he was stationed in Stalag Germany. He was a POW. I am looking for a Book on the 100th division. if anyone knows where i can find it, please email me. Thx!
Christopher Thomas <iam_cool@bellsouth.net>
Acworth, Ga United States of America - Monday, July 15, 2002 at 10:58:43 (PDT)

My Dad was Staff Sergeant, James A. Grubb, Company H, 397th Infantry Regiment. Thank you for the wonderful story on the "The Distinguished Unit Citation for CO.H, 397th Infantry." Daddy died January 8, 1979, my hero forever.
Ardith G. Hinson "Artie" <Sgofishin@aol.com>
Salisbury, NC USA - Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 08:56:45 (PDT)

My dad, Walter J. Welenc was wounded on November 22, 1944. He was a member of the 100th Recon.
Walter M. Welenc <wwelenc@corus.jnj.com>
Morris Plains, NJ USA - Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 04:29:05 (PDT)

I wish I did what you do instead of making piano benches. Your site looks great.
San Diego, Ca US - Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 01:06:26 (PDT)

Have been looking for info on Staff Sgt. Richard Feudtner, my Godfather. No known relatives. Killed in action Nov. 6, 1944 in Deyfosse, France 100th. Infantry Div, CO "C" 399th Infantry Regiment
Fred R. Scharnikow <ajsjets@ao;.com>
Whiting, NJ United States - Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 17:15:52 (PDT)

My father in law, SSgt Clarence Keithly Spence, was a member of Company D, 399th Inf Reg, 100th Div. from 1944 to 1945 and spent a year in the army of the occupation at Vaihingen. He received a Silver Star in April 1945 at Abstatt, Germany. We would like to contact anyone who know Keithly during this time. He died of cancer in 1983. He had a book "Dog's Life in the ETO" which my mother in law lost. Does anyone know where we can obtain a copy? Does anyone know where we can get details of the actions for which he received the Silver Star? I am collecting information for Keithly's children and grandchildren.
David Stover <dcstover@gunnshank.com>
Lee's Summit, MO USA - Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 11:17:59 (PDT)

I made an entry just after my father passed away this May (9th(, 2002. I incorrectly put he was with the 110th (I just read my entry today). He was with the 100th, 398th, Co.A, and I recently learned he was part of the "Special forces" (as they are known as today. Anyone with any recollections/memories of October, 1944-August 1945, or of my father, please share them with me. You can write to me at: Linda Kravets, 401 Howard St., Kalamazoo, MI 49001, or at my e-mail address of kravetssh@hotmail.com. Thank you.
Linda Kravets <kravetssh@hotmail.com>
Kalamazoo, MI USA - Friday, July 05, 2002 at 09:51:48 (PDT)

Excellent site! Centurymen: Thank you for the sacrifices you made and all that you endured that we might still be "The land of the free & home of the brave!" May God continue to bless America and each of you. My grandfather was Joseph W. Thompson, Company I, 399th Regiment, 100th Infantry Division.
Ron W. Thompson <crash74@earthlink.net>
Watauga, TX USA - Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 18:01:37 (PDT)

Re: A Good Friend I first met Sherman K. Burke in 1945 after the end of WWII. Sherm had been in the AT platoon, 3rd Battation, 397th Infantry, 100th Infantry Division. When the troops were reshuffled so the long termers could go home, Sherm and I wound up together in AT Co. 29th Infantry. We became good friends, he taught me to drive jeeps, trucks, etc. Sherm had earned the Combat Infantry Badge and had been awarded his first Bronze Star for heroism in action 15 March 1944. He ultimately made a decision to stay in the Army and applied for OCS. He was accepted and I lost track of him when he left our company. Recently I began looking for him to invite him to the 100th Infantry Division Association annual meetings. I would have dearly loved to see him again and I was deeply saddened to learn that he had been killed in action in the Korean War. He had earned another Bronze Srar and a Purple Heart. He had already fought his war against the Germans, it seems unfair for him to have to fight in another war although I am sure many others shared the same fate. Robert A. Morton, ex.2nd Bn. 397th Inf.
Robert A. Morton <drbobm@cox.net>
Norfolk, VA - Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 13:53:19 (PDT)

I go to a boarding school and ww2 is one of my obsesions I would like to know of any experices of any veterans thank you alex
alex mcgeachie <alexmcgeachie@gatton-park.org.uk>
england - Monday, July 01, 2002 at 11:35:01 (PDT)

this is very good web site
alex mc <alexandermcgeachie@gatton-park.org.uk>
- Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 08:56:52 (PDT)

My father, Carl C. Brown, served with the 100th, 398th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company L until he was wounded in Germany. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who might have known him during the War. Great website! My respect, admiration and heartfelt THANKS to anyone who served with the Century during WWII.
Carl A. Brown <everydayissatu@cs.com>
- Monday, June 24, 2002 at 12:00:02 (PDT)

I was a SFC in the 100th Div. I met a lot of great friends while serving with the 100th Div.in Kentucky.

http://www.geocities.com/nchcpaa/index.html. Howard howardcrft@aol.com
Cincinnati, Oh USA - Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 06:56:27 (PDT)

I would be interested in talking to someone who remembers my Dad, Harmon S. Shufro, musician and baseball player from Boston, who was a medic in the 399th. Thank you!
Ellie May Shufro <BudElwood@aol.com>
- Friday, June 14, 2002 at 15:25:23 (PDT)

My father Walter J. Welenc was in recon
Walter M. Welenc <wwelenc@corus.jnj.com>
Morris Plains, NJ USA - Sunday, June 09, 2002 at 09:12:55 (PDT)

Been moving around. My home town is Chetopa KS. I enjoy visiting this web site. Thanks!
William R. Smith <bpsmith@toast.net>
Toledo, OH USA - Saturday, June 08, 2002 at 14:46:32 (PDT)

Was visting your site and just wanted to let you know about the DAV Disabled American Veterans Texas Chapter 42 site. If you have any Veterans that need help with disability benefits they can find help here. http://www.davtxchapter42.org
Charles Flowers <charles@oberklasse.com>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Monday, June 03, 2002 at 10:02:59 (PDT)

very good
matthewjones <matthewjones@gatton-park.org.uk>
london, england - Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 00:23:59 (PDT)

As a member of the 100th. Inf. div. I am proud of or records
Gerald C. Weber <gwfall@aol.com>
Louisville, KY. U.S.A. - Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 16:57:01 (PDT)

A most heartfelt thanks to the 100th on this Memorial Day from a greatful daughter of one of your own.
Ruth Ellsworth Carter <blamemusic@aol.com>
Austin, TX U.S.A. - Saturday, May 25, 2002 at 13:13:45 (PDT)

I looked for this site after talking to my Uncle Paul Minshall Company C of the 398th. I want to thank the Association for the site and the information I have found here. My Uncle passed away in May 2001.
Jeff Higman <jhigman@rocketmail.com>
Columbus, OH US - Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 08:19:02 (PDT)

I have posted some pictures of my father, his friends and his units on the web. He served with the 36th, 87th and 100th Divisions, and was seperated in 1946 with the 925th Field Artillery Battalion a Ft. Bragg, NC. Check out the site and see if you or someone you know are in the pictures. If so, leave a message in the guest book. Thanks. www.william-Rudolph-Evans.cityslide.com
Joel Evans <ussc8bn@hotmail.com>
Rocky Mount, NC USA - Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 09:43:19 (PDT)

The web site of the Division is just great. I joined Co. K of the 398th Regiment as a replacement in late February 1945. I was assigned to the Weapons Platoon and served as a runner for a Lt. ?????. Crossed the Necker River with the first wave at Heilbronn but made it thru V.E.-Day. I would like to make contact with former buddies of K-398 who might vaguely remember me. I have some occupation-days photos (June-July 1945) which have faces but no names. Thanks for taking time to read this, and stay well.
Harry C. Rippel <hrippel@rbts.com>
Sharon Hill, PA USA - Thursday, May 16, 2002 at 10:56:12 (PDT)

Looking for information on my Uncle, Joseph F. Kendall, killed in action on 15 Nov 44 while serving with the 397th Infantry Regiment in France.
Tom Dunn <Dunndnntj@aol.com>
Virginia Beach, Va USA - Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 04:28:15 (PDT)

The world is a sadder place since May 9, 2002. We lost another WWII Veteran...my father, Al Kravets, 110th, 398th, Co.A...He was a true man of integrity and fought his own personal battle with Parkinson's Disease. He was finally awarded the Bronze Star Medal, at least received the letter he had earned it. Unfortunately he was so very ill it was too late to present it to him when it finally arrived. He was my hero, as all of you are heros. He said he only did what everyone else did - how humble. Everyone did not go off and fight that horendous war on the front lines. Let us honor Al Kravets and all the other veterans who fought for our freedom and our children's freedom.
Linda Kravets <kravetssh@hotmail.com>
Kalamazoo, MI USA - Monday, May 13, 2002 at 06:44:27 (PDT)

The site is very infromative.
Charles A. Donaldson <cdonaldson@se-tel.com>
Clay City, KY USA - Sunday, May 12, 2002 at 09:02:12 (PDT)

I am the son of Mike Gustovich, who was from PA. My father fought in Germany in the 100th Infantry Division, Company k, 399th infantry regiment, he is still alive and i am hoping that there is someone who knew and might have served with him! Thank You
Mark Gustovich <gusviking3@msn.com>
Girard, Ohio U.S.A. - Thursday, May 09, 2002 at 18:51:53 (PDT)

nephew of George A Boe of the 399th
Robert Boe <bobboe@chartermi.net>
new, mn usa - Wednesday, May 08, 2002 at 10:51:32 (PDT)

Tears (of pride) come to my eyes when I review the events the 100th endured and perservered through. My father William (Bill) Panos was a SOB. He was in the 399th Regiment. Does anybody remember him? He earned the Bronze Star New Years Eve 1944.
William Panos <bpanos@msn.com>
West Bridgewater, MA USA - Sunday, May 05, 2002 at 19:25:35 (PDT)

As a member of the 399th during WWII, I lived through many of the campaigns talked about at this site. I was known as Heinie and served as an interpretor during and after the war. I hold the distinction of asking Mrs Erwin Rommel to vacate her home which was used as billeting for our Officers and myself. Anyone, still around from the 399th, feel free to contact me at my E-Addy. Thanks
Henry Cook <Davedrvr@attbi.com>
Tacoma, Wa USA - Friday, May 03, 2002 at 17:50:37 (PDT)

My Father was a PFC with F Co. 2nd Bat. 397th Inf. Regiment and fought at Heilbronn. I am trying to gather as much information about that battle as I can. If anyone has any information at all about the battle at Heilbronn Please email me. If anyone remembers my Father 'Starling Aaron' please email. He has asked me to find out as much as I can about that fight. He has had many question all these years and continually thinks about that time. ThankYou, thankyou very much.
Joseph A. Aaron <jaaron@danielind.com>
Houston, TX USA - Friday, May 03, 2002 at 10:03:58 (PDT)

I'm just discovering the 100th and details about my uncle, 2nd Lieutenant Thomas E. Plante (Company A, 399th Infantry) of Brooklyn NY, who died at Bitche. Thank you for your work and all the details. Now I have to rewrite the story about Uncle Tom for my family. I'll be in touch. Thank you all.
Thomas E. Plante <tplante@unioncountynj.org>
Fanwood, NJ U.S.A. - Friday, May 03, 2002 at 08:17:09 (PDT)

My Granduncle is Private First Class William A. Pondrom, Company A (Baccarat, France) (Posthumous), and I am grateful for the web site to note his name and his awards for his bravery in WWII. If you know Willam A Pondrom, I would appreicate any comments or news that will help me to get to know him better. My email address is dan@solcher.net, thank you.
Dan Solcher <dan@solcher.net>
San Antonio, TX USA - Tuesday, April 30, 2002 at 12:18:04 (PDT)

After posting my first request, I learned my Father, Pfc. Sal. Cerreta was in Cannon Co., 399th Inf., not the 925th F.A.Bn. I am still putting pieces together and now my reqest is to contact surviving members or their families of Cannon Co., 399th Inf. as I would like to identify his friends in the many photos I have. Thank you all for your help. Tony Cerreta, tcerreta7@msn.com
Tony Cerreta <tcerreta7@msn.com>
Port Chester, NY USA - Sunday, April 28, 2002 at 16:00:35 (PDT)

Liked what I saw and will visit often,keep up the good work and add more about the 399,F Co. saw a few names I knew... RYLAND COOK
Ryland W Cook <Strayerfrf@aol.com>
Waterville, Oh U.S.A. - Sunday, April 28, 2002 at 14:55:03 (PDT)

My father in law fought in WWII in the 100th Infantry 373rd Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C....He would LOVE to hear from any of the guys from his old unit, and is especially interested in any info. you have on Odel Orr, Edward Desantis, Robert Basilico, Joseph Naplitano (sorry if I'm spelling it wrong), and Lewis Liming...Please reply to bill.dawn@gte.net and we will forward any information recieved to my Father in law...Thank you...
Dawn King <bill.dawn@gte.net>
New Port Richey, FL Pasco - Sunday, April 28, 2002 at 08:49:12 (PDT)

WEST PALM BEACH, FL USA - Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 17:36:17 (PDT)

My Dad served with the 100th Div. Co.D 398th Inf.Reg. He served from March 17, 1943 to December 06, 1945. PVT. James Edward Tranthem, he was also POW in Germany. He had a buddy named Harry Nixson who was also captured. He was taken to Stalag IVB Muhlberg Germany. He was honorably discharged on December 06, 1945 and received the Bronze Star. Would love to hear from anyone who served with him or have a relative who did. He passed away August 03, 1999.
Patricia Tranthem Thomas <patt_t@bellsouth.net>
Ga USA - Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 17:14:19 (PDT)

First of all let me say how much I have enjoyed reading and looking at all the many photo's that are included at this site. But I also feel it would enhance your site to include the many soldiers that were captured as Prisoners of war. The one's who finally did get to come home as well as those who lost their lives in Prisoner of war camps. My dad just happened to be one of the lucky ones who was released and came home.
Patricia Thomas <patt_t@bellsouth.net>
Ga USA - Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 16:31:58 (PDT)

my father Edward Fred Fiechter served with the 100th in WWII. he sadly passed away jan. 1/ 1994 and now my mother has passed also this year 2002. it has taken alot to go through all thier pictures and he had alot from WWII. i just wanted to say i like the website.
patricia fiechter nichols <pnichols68@aol.com>
mt pleasant, sc usa - Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 14:42:29 (PDT)

I would like to hear from anyone that was in the 800th Ord.
Jack Deibler (SgtT/4) <trmptman@aol.com>
Holly Hill, Fl USA - Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 17:42:27 (PDT)

Hi to all former members of the Weapons Platoon, Co.G, 399th Inf. I would love to hear from anyone who served in that unit.I can be reached via e-mail at FrankhBranco@aol.com
Frank H. Branco <Frankhbranco@aol.com>
Glenolden, Pa USA - Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 10:20:25 (PDT)

My Dad was in the 397th AAA AW BN (SEM) BTRY D. After reading your site, which is the best out there, I do not think he was with you but I would greatly appreciate any direction, as a daughter of the 397th where I can find out who and what he was attached, detached, assigned with or to. His records were lost in the fire in NYC many years ago. I do have a picture of the Battery D if any one is interested. Please e-mail me @ Theholigrail@aol.com God bless you all No other military site can compare to you guys. Someone please reply.
Jo Ann M. O'Connell (nee Viviani) <Theholigrail@aol.com>
Massapequa Park, NY USA - Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 09:02:53 (PDT)

Thank you for keeping the history of the 100th Division alive. My father, Bernard S. Sledz served in the 325th Combat Engineers, Co. B and was a proud card carrying member of the "Son's of Bitche Society" until the day of his passing 28 years ago. I had the opportunity several years ago to pay his membership dues and was awarded an Honorary membership. That card is something I will always treasure and it will forever remind of my father's commitment to his country and his fellow servicemen. If anyone has served with my Dad in the 325th Combat Engineers I would very much like to hear from you. Thank you once again for sharing your site with me.
Thomas B. Sledz <Sledz658@aol.com>
Westlake, OH USA - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 20:50:24 (PDT)

My father,Sal.Cerreta, served in Btry A - 925th F.A.Bn. I have over 100 pictures of him and his companions during the war. All the sub-titles use nick-names. I would like to identify these men if possible and share these pictures and perhaps get new ones in exchange. I would also like to communicate with any men who where in the 925th. The only name I have from the picture book is Morris W. Tirrell. I do have a list of autographs from his Century Division 1944 year book. Any information would be greatly appreciated as my brothers and I are very proud of him and his fellow SOB's.
Tony Cerreta <tcerreta7@msn.com>
Port Chester, NY USA - Sunday, April 14, 2002 at 20:22:33 (PDT)

Son of PFC Harold B. Parker, Co. L, 399th He was a BAR man wounded in Germany. Anybody know how ? My second visit. Outstanding site.
Ed Parker <hkranch2@msn.com>
Mims, FL USA - Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 18:02:17 (PDT)

K Company 397th Infantry 3rd Platoon. Looking for Dick Hogan. My address is 4424 Oleander Street, Bellaire, Texas 7740l-5229
Charles (Chuck) Miller <zimchuck@hal-pc.org>
Bellaire, Tx USA - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 10:52:39 (PDT)

Greetings My name is Ron Rich. I had always felt that the 781st Tank Battalion was one of the best in the European Theater. I really have enjoyed your excellent website. Great Job. My father Bob Rich was a captain in the Headquarters Company of the 781st Tank Battalion. Because of your site he has recently contacted some old buddies. Needless to say, he is finally opening up and talking about his experiences and its meant a lot to me. He is in good health at 85...God Bless and if anyone is interested in contacting him send me an email or you can write him at Bob Rich, One Horizon Apt. 1409, Ft Lee, NJ 07024. He is hoping to go to the reunion in Louisville later this year. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Ron Rich
Ron Rich <ron@thedvdguide.com>
New City, NY U.S.A. - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 09:19:19 (PDT)

Hello folks. I've been on a quest - to put together a bio about my father and his tour with the 100th Recon. My dads name is Everett (Eve) Thornton (deceased)and was in the 100th Recon. Dad never spoke about the war, as a results, I'm piecing together a portfolio about his activities with the 100th. I'm doing this for a very high purpose: that the legacy of my father and the 100th, always live on in the minds and hearts of our children. I am his son and was born in 1944, when he was still overseas. I have much of his stuff including his actual Century Division book - with autographs. Here are some of the names: JACK LEUTRIT, JOHN UTZ, PAUL PIPKIN, ORIS JOHNSON, GEORGE MONKS, VIRGIL PRATES, JOHN WATSON, A.H. HARMON, HAROLD FISHER, STAN DOLITTLE, PETER RILLO, GRANT BESSEY, DONALD SOOY & ARM RODERICK. (My apologies for any spelling errors). I anyone has any information about my father and his activities with the Recon, I would greatly appreciate an e-mail. Thank you all. F. Woody Thornton
Forrest Everett Thornton <Corey4@adelphia.net>
Merrimack, NH - Sunday, April 07, 2002 at 17:08:07 (PDT)

I found the below article at OakRidger.com. written by Alex Gabbard about a Lewis "Doc" Emerson, who served in the 397th Regiment at Heilbronn. It is information that I have been looking for for a long time about the battle at Heilbronn and I was very excited when I found it. My Father, Starling Aaron, was also with the 397th Infantry Regiment, F co. He has always talked about the battle at Heilbronn (He is my Hero, by the way), and has been wondering for the last 57 yrs. why the Germans fought so hard there. Today, I found out why after reading the article, I pasted part of it below. I called him tonight and told him about it. That Hitlers last secret weapon (The jet) with which he hoped to win the war with was there. He was very happy to finally know what it was that the Germans wanted so desperately to keep them from. I love my Father. Below is Alex Gabbard's article on Lewis Emerson, found at Oakridger.com, date of article is 11 nov 1998:
Joseph A. Aaron <jaaron@Danielind.com>
Houston, TX USA - Friday, April 05, 2002 at 21:38:47 (PST)

Please e-mail back any information regarding anything on !st Bat.397th.Able Co. Thank you
Edmund Lheureux <edmundlheureux@webtv.net>
Macomb, Mi. USA - Thursday, April 04, 2002 at 14:23:29 (PST)

I am 14 years old, and I am from Walworth Wisconsin. I was just wondering if you would happen to know of any veterans who fought in World War Two who would like to share expiriences. I am mature enough, and I would really appreciate it if someone would like to share some exiriences. My email is... alexjb_ww2mc@hotmail.com Thanks for you time. Sincerely, Alex J. Beckstrand
Alex J. Beckstrand <alexjb_ww2mc@hotmail.com>
Walowth, WI USA - Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 19:21:13 (PST)

Thank you for this wonderful site.
Rev. Peter T. Haas
- Monday, April 01, 2002 at 08:54:31 (PST)

I am making a video documentary about Lorraine American Cemetery in St. Avold, France and I would like to contact family members and friends of people buried there who will visit the cemetery over the next year or so. Rick Haverinen email: cooncat@t-online.de address:26th ASG/PAO, CMR 419 Box 943, APO AE 09102
Rick Haverinen <cooncat@t-online.de>
Heidelberg, Germany - Monday, March 25, 2002 at 22:02:37 (PST)

Please pray for Albert (was Adolph) Kravets. We are losing another precious veteran of 398th Co A. His health is failing rapidly now. Recently a package was delivered to him at my home address. It was outside on the front step and in the snow. When I opened it, enclosed was the Bronze Star Medal he should have been presented over 50 years ago. The package contained no note, no thank you for serving your country, no acknowledgement at all for this honoed WWII Veteran. I honor him and all WWII Vets. Thank you for serving our country expecting nothing in return.
Linda Kravets <kravetssh@hotmail.com>
Kalamazoo, MI USA - Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 12:22:13 (PST)

My father, Lt. Raymond A. Miller, served proudly with the 100th. I believe 351st Field Artillery. He speaks frequently of the many Brooklyn friends he made and of fellow officers James Speer and Jim Humphery. At 89 years of age my dad's still going strong and loves to recount the days 60 years in the past. Feel free to contact me as I know the time is limited as far as ever being able to gain a first-hand answer to questions from that era. My dad would be more than pleased to be recount his experiences.
Bruce R. Miller <nordata@exotrope.net>
Horseheads, NY USA - Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 18:13:18 (PST)

My mom was in Clubmobile service with the American Red Cross. From pictures she took, I am sure she served doughnuts and coffee to the 100th Infantry Division. From her letters, I know she was proud to have served them. Thank you all. I'm so glad I found this site, as I have been trying to trace her movements accross Europe.
J A Niles <janiles@utmb.edu>
- Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 08:06:16 (PST)

I am looking For the following people in the 373 Battalion, Battery C, yrs 1942-1946. Odell Orr { I was best man at his wedding} Edward DeSantos Lewis Lyming Robert Basilico Joseph Napolitano or any other members of C battery that served from 42-46.
Donald {Tex} Nodine <jn124@juno.com>
St. Augustine , Fl US - Sunday, March 17, 2002 at 14:08:58 (PST)

I found an original Bronze Star Citation, a 100th patch, a newspaper clipping and 2 postcards from Germany in an old desk in Phoenix. These items belong to Alfred R Tessier of the 925th Field Artillery Battalion. I would like to return these to him or his family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also in the same desk was a Purple Heart Citation, and a letter of condolence for a PFC Felis Z Castillo. There is no information on his unit, but he was killed in action in the Soutwest Pacific on November 7, 1944. Thanks in advance for any help.
Ron Wiginton <rwiginton@qwest.net>
Chandler, AZ USA - Saturday, March 16, 2002 at 13:56:27 (PST)

A great site...GREAT group...I'm still searching for any information about 398/C for the period 3/6/45 thru 4/15/45. Any information about locations, battles, etc, and am very much interested in learning about how to find squad level assignments (398th Co C) during this period in the illustrious history of the 100th. Thanks to all of you heroes who served.
David Griffin <griffhvac@aol.com>
Mocksville, NC USA - Friday, March 15, 2002 at 19:43:10 (PST)

Hey, folks. Anyone who has information on a PFC Anthony Pionzio, who served in the 397th, Company K, please Email me. That was my grandfather, and I have been trying to find out what I can about him and his service to this great nation. Thanks Much to all of the Centurymen.
Matt Forrest <BigBronxMatt@Yahoo.com>
Virginia Beach, VA US of A - Thursday, March 14, 2002 at 10:22:30 (PST)

I enjoyed your site and have book marked it. I will return again.
Sharpshooter <sharpshooter87@juno.com>
Beaumont, TX USA - Monday, March 11, 2002 at 16:15:40 (PST)

Great job! I am impressed :-)
Uar Design <linnwood@terra.es>
Miscellaneous, - Sunday, March 10, 2002 at 08:53:49 (PST)

Hello, I am hoping that there will still be someone from the US ARMY 398th Infantry 100th Division that fought in France that will remember my uncle PVT. Fred Stewart.....who was killed March 15, 1945. He was a Rifleman. Does anyone have any personal stories they would like to share? What were his duties? What really happened the day he died? From the funeral records and Obituary, I learned that he was in Avold Cemetery in France until November 4, 1948....so it was 3 years after he died that my grandparents finally got to have a funeral for their son. That is so sad! I am trying to learn as much as possible about my uncle that I never got to know.....he died before I was born. I am doing our family history and would very much like to learn things about my uncle Fred for my genealogy....so I can pass this down to my children so they and generations to come will know that we had an uncle who died for their country. However, since my parents & grandparents are now deceased...I am really hoping that some of his comrads from the Army will fill in the missing gaps. I want to know more than just his name from a tombstone marker...I really want to know what kind of person he was....what kind of soldier, did he have any girfriends, etc. Does anyone happen to have any pictures of the 398th Infantry 100th Division that fought in France? I would love to have some copies....even if they are just scanned and emailed! However, I would be willing to pay for any copying charges if someone has any pictures of the 398th Infantry 100th Division..... especially of my uncle! Are there any "war stories" or just anything at all that you'd like to share....I'd be ever so appreciative! With the events that took place in New York on September 11th, 2001 was such a sad thing to have happened in this nation....or any nation for that matter. With everyone being so Patriotic, made me stop and think of the sacrafice that touched our own personal family 57 years ago! If you were in the 398th Infantry 100th Division..."Please" get in touch with me....I really do want to hear from you! Sincerely, Linda Antal 379 Kenyon Drive Hamilton, Ohio 45015-1935 USA cantal@cinci.rr.com
Linda Antal <cantal@cinci.rr.com>
Hamilton, OH USA - Saturday, March 09, 2002 at 16:06:00 (PST)

What a pleasure to find this site. I am going to reactivate my membership in the 100th Div. assoc. Somehow I was "lost" from membership. I was in the anti-tank platoon of 1st Bn. 397th till the war ended. Have lost all contact with former members, would like to hear from anyone from that era. Unforgetable bonds were forged during those day that could never be surpassed.
Deane A. Ebner <dockydeane@msn.com>
San Diego, CA USA - Friday, March 08, 2002 at 10:28:28 (PST)

HI, My father was in the 397th antitank company. He was with the 100th throughout the war. He came home on the Woodbridge Victory. I am trying to find a picture of this ship. Can some one help as to how or where I might get a picture of the Woodbridge Victory. Thanks Bob Wagoner, Jr.
Bob Wagoner, Jr. <bob@wagoners.com>
Watertown, NY USA - Thursday, March 07, 2002 at 19:27:57 (PST)

Looking for information or anyone one who knew my father William Henry Overton. He served in the 374th from Aug 14, 1944 to Feb 5, 1946.
Jane <jaypie46@aol.com>
NY USA - Thursday, March 07, 2002 at 11:46:39 (PST)

i think these men were the most dedercade divsion who should live for ever in our memoires and they died for they country the highest honour beter then any medal
alex <alexandermcgeachie@gatton-park.org.uk>
london, great britan - Thursday, March 07, 2002 at 10:47:29 (PST)

An outstanding web site.My father, PFC Harlan J. Olson, served in 399th, Item company. He was with that unit from deployment in Europe through occupation. He would appreciate hearing from fellow members of his unit.Please contact him at patharol@lakenet.com
Kirk C. Olson <kirk_@yahoo.com>
MN United Sates of America - Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 15:35:39 (PST)

I am attempting to research Lt. Raymond A. Miller, who served with the 373rd FA; 100th Division. He was a card carrying member of The Sons Of Bitche; was later promoted to Capt. and came home to serve with the 98th Div. Artilley USAR, as a member of the 414th Mil Govt Co. Does anyone remember him that can share any info? Thank you, and God Bless America.
Bob Hughes <neetstuf@aol.com>
Binghamton, NY USA - Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 05:46:43 (PST)

dallas b. trammell <dbtrammell@aol.com>
cazenovia, ny usa - Monday, March 04, 2002 at 13:59:27 (PST)

My Papa was in the 397th Infantry. His name was William J. Loring and all I know about his time in the Army was that he was a staff sargeant (if even that is correct) and that he won two medals. He passed away November 2001 and I got really interested in his time in WWII after doing a report on him in 8th grade. It would be a pleasure for me and for my family, if any of you out there could e-mail me information on why he got those medals. And if you had any good stories to share, that would be a pleasure too. Thanks in advance. And also, this website was a great help to me in 8th grade.
Katherine E. Strout <daelina@rockycast.net>
Topsham, ME USA - Monday, March 04, 2002 at 12:03:02 (PST)

I'm glad to see this site, My father, Private Paul E. Cropper Jr. was in the 398th, L Co. and was wounded at Heilbronn sometime after L & K Companies made it across the river. My father crossed over in July 1984. He talked fondly of the men he served with. I was always very proud of him and he would very proud to know that this site honors those great men for what they experienced and achieved. If their would possibly be any one who might have known my father personally in those days, I would very much like to here from you. Any memories I can receive from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rich Cropper
Richard D. Cropper <Cropdaddy@aol.com>
Wilmington, DE USA - Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 20:37:51 (PST)

I was in the 397th Inf. Co.F. Went over on Geo, Washington and fought untill captured in Rimling 1/9/45
Ray Klund <ray.kl@verizon.net>
Long Beach, CA 90807 90807 - Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 17:22:14 (PST)

My Grandfather Richard H Evans, came to the 100th Div. in late 1944 or early 1945 as a replacement soldier. He was in the 397th, Co. C. He was wounded in action on March 8th, 1945. Although he wasnt there long, if anyone remembers him or has pictures or stories my family would love to hear them. We have the History of the Century, however, neither the book or this web page have my Granfather listed as wounded in action. i can send any information needed to prove he was. Due to a paperwork snafu he never received his medal, I awarded him his Purple Heart on Memorial Day 18 years ago after going through our Congressmen. Any correspondance would be appreciated. Thank you, Michael Munford and the rest of the Evans family
Michael Munford <CymruMM@aol.com>
Myrtle Beach , SC USA - Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 12:25:44 (PST)

Hello, My grandfather was a member of the 100th Div. He was in the 397th Inf., Company C. He was a replacement soldier, only in combat several months before being severly wounded (March 8th,1945)and sent home. Our family has the Century, the story of the 100th, but we are interested to know more. If there is anyone out there that would like to share information or just lead me in the right direction, your help would be most appreciated. Thank You, Michael
Michael Munford <CymruMM@aol.com>
Myrtle Beach , SC USA - Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 21:27:23 (PST)

My father Ray H. Mitchell served with the 100th during WWII and was wounded in Germany on 08 APR 45 as part of Battery B of the 375th FA (105-T). He was also awarded the Bronze Star for earlier action with the 100th. I grew up in Maysville, KY where elements of the 100th were stationed as a USAR division. This site is an excellent tribute to the centurymen!
LTC John A. Mitchell <mitchellj@jackson.army.mil>
FT Jackson, SC - Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 09:34:37 (PST)

Comp. L 398th Inf. (100th Div.) GAILDORF The Historical Society looks for any photos, films or souvenirs concerning the liberation of the town Gaildorf north of Stuttgart/Württemberg, Germany in April 1945 (and later). Accounts or contacts are also welcome. Perhaps these photos might be of help: Do you recognize these persons or do you remember anything about the circumstances they were taken in? Additionally we’d like to know whether there are still any copies of the “Bars and Gripes” around, as this paper was printed at Gaildorf. Please contact: Steffen Hinderer/The Historical Society in Gaildorf, Kirchstrasse 8/1, 74405 Gaildorf / Germany, e-mail: s_hinderer@hotmail.com
Steffen Hinderer <s_hinderer@hotmail.com>
Gaildorf, BW Germany - Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 02:23:28 (PST)

My beloved Dad served with the 397TH.His name was Herbie Bornstein.Dad passed away on February9,1992.We will always miss him.He loved our country.God Bless you all!God bless America!Wewill never forget you.
Ellen(Bornstein)Greenberg <mamakinbabas@hotmail.com>
Stoughton, Ma USA - Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 21:53:52 (PST)

I'm looking for infantrymen who have received the Combat Infantrymen's Badge. They are eliglble for membership in the Combat Infantrymen's association. If your interested email me at lorlando@peganet.com
Lou Orlando <lorlando@peganet.com>
Ft. MYERS, FL USA - Friday, February 22, 2002 at 15:59:30 (PST)

I have been skimming over the net for several years. The 100th Infantry Division web site is one of the best sites I have ever visited. Many sites are incomplete or contain information that has little value. This site is a breeze to navigate, contains lots of useful,informitive and interesting information about the division, it's units and attachments, and the little known campaign it fought in. Well done!
Steve Fox <SFox718549@aol.com>
Redding, Ca USA - Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 13:16:36 (PST)

I had pack with a patch from the 100th infantry that my great uncle had in WWII. The pack was stolen and I want to replace the patch. Where can I get a patch? His name, by the way, was Norman Hering and he was in Germany. Thanks.
Steve Courteol <scourteol@humboldt.k12.az.us>
Dewey, AZ USA - Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 08:25:18 (PST)

I enlisted in the Army and was assigned to the 82nd Division. I applied for OCS and after graduation I joined the 100th Division and was asssigned to 374th FA as a new shave-tail, 2nd Lt. fresh out of OCS at Ft. Sill, Okla. The Division had not been activated at that time and we spent our time training new soldiers who were filling up the 374th. I stayed with the 374th until just before the divison left for training in Tennessee. I was shipped out as a replacement officer and ended up in North Africa and was later assisgned to Allied Force HQ in Italy so I did not see service in combat with the division. I would like to hear from anyone who served with the 374th while we were at Ft.Jackson. After the war, I stayed in the Reserve and was retired as a major, USAR. Julian D. Morse, Tallahaseee, Florida jmorse@nettally.com
Julian D. Morse <jmorse@nettally.com>
Tallahassee, Fl USA - Tuesday, February 12, 2002 at 20:28:03 (PST)

Nice site....why am I writing in your guest book? well I have no connection with the 100th but, 4years ago I found original copy of the 100th infantry division book!!! I live in Suffolk, England. the whole book is one the best histories you could ever see because myself being a graphic designer and the layout and illustrations could surley will become a classic of WW2. It would be nice to think it would? Glad to see the 100th association is going strong please send my best wishes to them all. they are truly a 'Band of Brothers' many thanks.
Paul Craske <mawlkin@hotmail.com>
England - Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 13:40:19 (PST)

My Dad served with the 100th. He passed away on 30 Dec.2001.His name was Fred J. Giambrone Serial#32 655 448, I would like to know what unit he was attached to within the 100th Division. He served as a litter bearer carrying wounded to hospitals. If you can help it would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob G.
Robert A. Giambrone <GiambroneK@aol.com>
Newberry, FL USA - Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 20:48:27 (PST)

well done
Göte Berg
halmstad, sweden - Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 06:55:29 (PST)

Would like to hear from the fellows in my outfit.
Jordan D. Cohen <srconas@aol.com>
Nashua, NH USA - Monday, February 04, 2002 at 17:09:14 (PST)

does any one remember my brother Lyle Leeman?
Shirley Leeman Long <long@prtel.com>
Erhard, Mn USA - Saturday, February 02, 2002 at 16:53:59 (PST)

Before I found this site I scheduled a visit of the route of the 1st Bn 397 through Alsace and Lorraine. My crew spent 12 days, March 1-12,2001 in travel. We, six males of my family, wore sweat shirts; 1 Son of Bitche, 1 Son of a Son of Bitche, 2 grandsons, and 2 nephews. We also visited the site of the battle where the nephews' father was killed, Rittershoffen/Hatten. This was 25 miles from where I was at Bettweiler at the time, Jan 13, 1945. My squad leader in 3d Platoon, Company D, Theodore Kassel hoped to travel with us, but was committed at the time. He was to make the trip this past October, 2001. I lost contact with Ted last summer. I heard from his wife last week, Jan 2002. Ted died about the first of September, 2001. I, at least, shall remember a fine soldier and good friend from 1944 and 45
Louis H. Shelton <LtColDad1@worldnet.att.net>
Bowling Green, Ky USA - Friday, February 01, 2002 at 10:32:11 (PST)

Lorraine Etats-Unis Association METZ France.We fond a bible dated ww2 with name William P WILSON who fought with 100th ID at BINING France Btry B. 898AAA Nr 20275665 and would link him or his family to get him back. Could you do anything ? Thanks
Pierre Philippe LECLERCQ <Pleclercq@bplorraine.fr>
SAINTE RUFFINE, France France - Friday, February 01, 2002 at 07:37:14 (PST)

My namesake Lyle Leeman is listed in the Honor Roll. I am extremely proud to have inherited his name and his Purple Heart. If any veterans knew him, I would really like to hear from you.
Lyle Long <lnl@psu.edu>
State College, PA USA - Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 22:32:23 (PST)

Thanks for this site. It is another way for me to remember and honor my father: Marvin E. Krokum, who served in the 100th. I would gladly welcome any communications regarding anyone who would remember him.
Michael J. Krokum <maddog56@mtco.com>
Chillicothe, IL US - Saturday, January 26, 2002 at 21:07:05 (PST)

Have downloaded the original website last year and in talking to Ed Lheureux this morning of HQ Co 1st Bn find that there is aditional material published which will update me.
S/SGT John E. Kempthorne1 Bn Hqs CoHQ397th <JEKnDDK@aol.com>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Saturday, January 26, 2002 at 10:37:18 (PST)

Thanks for the great Web site. My grandfather, Pfc. Frederick W. Powers, was killed in action while fighting for the 397th Infantry, Company G at Heilbronn on 4/6/45. I am intetrested in hearing from anyone who may have known him or served in his Company. Thank you.
John Powers <jpowers0731@aol.com>
Boston, MA USA - Friday, January 25, 2002 at 10:53:24 (PST)

MY grandfather was in the 100th division. His name was Albert York Jr. He was a tech sgt with hqts-hqts-company-100th division field artilery. He died in 1985 and when I was a young boy he told me all about over there. Any one remember Albie?
Lester Smith Jr <Lesmax44@aol.com>
Stafford twp, NJ USA - Thursday, January 24, 2002 at 21:13:49 (PST)

I am writing and searching for a soldier who was int the 399th M Co. Under Sgt. Roland Tuttle by the name of PFC Ross or Roth. This soldier lost his hand in battle. If anyone has memory of this or could help me find this troop I would appreciate it. thank you J.G. Crossley
J. Crossley <DL WHISTMA@aol.com>
rye , nh o3870 - Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 18:59:15 (PST)

Happy to have had the opportunity to serve my country and to live to be 79 years old.
Richard L. Brickner <brickbat_22@hotmail.com>
Lima, OH USA - Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 19:18:27 (PST)

My thanks to every veteran in the association. I am interested in learning about my wife's uncle, PFC Robert E. Herman of Galena, Illinois, who served in Co A, 397th Inf Regt, and died of wounds near Bertrichamps, France, in November, 1944.
Paul H. Herbert <phhcolusa@aol.com>
Burke, VA USA - Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 18:26:08 (PST)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who served with or knew my late dad, Staff Sgt. James T. Kenny, 398th, Company I. He was wounded on Dec. 4, 1944. He arrived in France on the 20th of October aboard the George Washington. Any information about him or his company would be greatly appreciated.
Jim Kenny <slipone270@aol.com>
piscataway, nj - Sunday, January 13, 2002 at 17:35:48 (PST)

Hello, This site is great, filled with information and the rpersons who opporate the site are helpful also. I found out that my grandfather Arthur Cornelius was in france and the infantry was the 100th and he was in the 399th regiment. I am hoping that anyone that might read this would possible know more about him and what he had doen. I have received an article that states that he lead a troop of an attack. this he received the branze star for. Does anyone out there remember him. I would like to know more since he passed when I was young. Kim Locker
Kim Locker <kjlocker@hotmail.com>
Big Rapids, Mi USA - Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 14:19:49 (PST)

The years are telling. My posting was July 18, 2000
Richard J Linke <arjay1@bigfoot.com>
- Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 11:54:06 (PST)

WALTHAM, MA USA - Wednesday, January 09, 2002 at 06:54:13 (PST)

Hi to my fellow comrades in Cannon Company 397th Infantry Regiment -100th Infantry Division - God Bless America.
Joseph Belaski <Jcd223@cs.com>
Manchester, CT USA - Monday, January 07, 2002 at 18:56:19 (PST)

i was in the company I 399th infintry.
ErnestB. Geesling <crybaby44@cutey.com>
Hilham, Tn USA - Monday, January 07, 2002 at 15:57:53 (PST)

I was in A Company 398 Regiment, and later in BN HQ Company, joinin them in 1944 at Fort Bragg.
Fredrick H. Shipkey M.D. <Fshipkey@jam.rr.com>
Jackson, MS USA - Sunday, January 06, 2002 at 08:43:32 (PST)

My Father SSGT Allan W. Chaffee, trained in the US and served in Germany with the 100th, and has many stories. Anyone who served with him please contact me and I will see he gets your message, and i'm sure he will reply.
Allan Chaffee <104225.516@compuserve.com>
Medway, Ma USA - Sunday, January 06, 2002 at 06:21:56 (PST)