Unit personnel documents, such as general orders announcing the award of certain decorations (Distinguished Service Crosses, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, etc.) or badges (Combat Infantryman's Badge, Combat Medics' Badge, etc.) are available also, although their completeness is sometimes questionable. Fortunately, comprehensive rosters for most decorations -- as well as complete personnel assignment rosters -- are available in the original printing of The Story of the Century, the Division history published in 1946 by the Criterion Press in New York (See Books About the 100th Infantry Division.) Researchers should be aware that the unit personnel assignment rosters are not included in the 1980s Battery Press reprint of The Story of the Century.

The Regiment of the Century (397th Inf Regt published history) also contains extensive awards information, including excerpts from citations for the Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, and Medal of Honor.

National Archives holdings include the following personnel reports.

100th Inf Div G-1 Journal File 3100-1.2 Nov 1944 - May 1945
Recap of G-1 Journal Reports File 3100-1.1
100th Inf Div Awards - General Orders File 3100-1.6 Jan - Apr 1945
100th Inf Div General Orders File 3100-1.13 Nov 1942, Jan - Dec
1943; Mar-Jul, Sep - Nov 1944
100th Inf Div Special Troops
General Orders
File 3100-SP-1.13 1945
398th Inf Awards General Orders
General Orders (for wartime actions)
File 3100-INF(398)-1.6 Jul - Aug 1945
398th Inf Awards and Decorations File 3100-INF(398)-1.6 1944-1945
398th Inf Officer Rosters
(Changes of Command, promotions, etc.)
File 3100-INF(398)-1.8 June 1945
398th Inf General Orders File 3100-INF(398)-1.13 1945
398th Inf Special Orders File 3100-INF(398)-1.14 May - June 1945
398th Inf Casualty Reports File 3100-INF(398)-1.16 May - June 1945
398th Strength Reports File 3100-INF(398)-0.3 Nov 1944 - June 1945
399th Inf Personnel Historical
File 3100-INF(399)-0.2 June - Sep 1945
399th Inf Narrative History File 3100-INF(399)-0.2 May - Sep 1945
399th Inf Awards & Decorations Orders File 3100-INF(399)-1.6 Nov 1944 - May 1945
399th Inf General Orders File 3100-INF(399)-1.13 1944 - 1945
3d Battalion/399th Inf S-1 Journal File 3100-INF(399)7-1.2 Nov 1944 - May 1945
DIVARTY Officer Roster File 3100-ART-1.8 1944 - 1945
DIVARTY General Orders File 3100-ART-1.13 1945
373d FA Roster of Key Officer Personnel File 3100-FA(373)-1.8 Mar 1945
373d FA Strength Report File 3100-FA(373)-1.0 June - July 1945
373d FA General Orders File 3100-FA(373)-1.13 1942-1945
374th FA Reports re.
Awards and Decorations
File 3100-FA(374)-0.3 Dec 1944- Jul 1945
374th FA Status Rpt
(Lists of Awards, etc.)
File 3100-FA(374)-1.0 June - July 1945
374th FA General Orders File 3100-FA(374)-1.13 1942 - 1945
374th FA Strength Reports File 3100-FA(374)-1.17 Aug 1945
375th FA Awards and Decorations Orders File 3100-FA(375)-1.6 1945
375th FA Rosters of Officers File 3100-FA(375)-1.8 Nov 1944 - May 1945
375th FA Rosters of Enlisted Men File 3100-FA(375)-1.9 Nov 1944 - May 1945
375th FA Battle Casualties File 3100-FA(375)-1.16 Nov 1944 - May 1945
375th FA Statistical Report
Re. Awards & Decorations
File 3100-FA(375)-0.3 Dec 1944 - July 1945
375th FA General Orders File 3100-FA(375)-1.13 1942 - 1945
925th FA Reports re. Bitche
Operations (w/ statistics re.
Awards and Decorations)
File 3100-FA(925)-0.2 Dec 1944 - Jul 1945
925th FA Report re. Status of
Officers and EM, and lists of
Awards and Decorations, etc.
File 3100-FA(925)-1.0 June - July 1945
925th FA General Orders File 3100-FA(925)-1.13 1944 - 1945
325th Engr Bn General Orders File 3100-ENG-1.13 1942 - 1944
325th Med Bn General Orders File 3100-MED-1.13 1944
100th Quartermaster Co Roster of Officers File 3100-QM-1.8 Sep - Nov 1945
100th Quartermaster Co Roster of
Enlisted Men
File 3100-QM-1.9 Nov 1944 - Sep 1945
100th Inf Div Band Commendations File 3100-BD-1.6 1945

Company Morning Reports for every unit in the 100th Infantry Division during its existence from 1942 to 1945 are available on microfilm at the National Archives Records Annex at 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri. These reports are recorded on reels of microfilm, which must be viewed in the facility. Although it is possible to order (and pay for) copies of specific units' morning reports for specified periods of time (say, the 398th Infantry for the month of November, 1944), because of the personal nature of much of the information recorded there, much of the data will be blanked out, in a fashion similar to that of a WWII unit censor. The most efficient -- and informative -- way to view the morning reports is therefore in-person, in the NARA facility in St. Louis. (See above information)