100th Inf Div
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
File 3100-0.24 File 3100-0.24
Century Sentinel (Div Newspaper) File 3100-0.20 1943 - 44
Century Sentinel (Div Newspaper) File 3100-INF(398)-0.20 June 1945
100th Inf Div Information
and Education Newsletters
File 3100-23 Mar, 1945
100th Inf Div Insignia File 3100-0.16 Dec 1942 - Jan 1943
398th Inf Mail tabulations and
Other Special Service Activities
File 3100-INF(398)-1.11 June 1945
398th Inf History of Military
Government Activities
File 3100-INF(398)-5 June 1945
DIVARTY SOP File 3100-ART1-0.24 1945
DIVARTY Recommendations
for Unit Meritorious Service
File 3100-ART-1.6 Feb 1945
DIVARTY Transport
Personnel Lists
File 3100-ART-1.11 1944
DIVARTY Supply Summaries File 3100-ART-4.0 Dec 1944 - May 1945
DIVARTY Medical Report -
Dental Casualties
File 3100-ART-26 Dec 1944 - Jul 1945
373d FA Coat of Arms File 3100-FA(373)-0.16 Jan 1945
375th FA Letters of Sympathy File 3100-FA(375)-1.11 1945
375th FA Misc. Reports
(Strength Lists, Decorations, etc.)
File 3100-FA(375)-1.0 June - July 1945
925th FA Coat of Arms File 3100-FA(925)-0.16 1945
100th Quartermaster Co
Distinctive Unit Insignia
File 3100-QM-0.16 1945