Intelligence documents include reports of information gained from prisoner-of-war interrogations, radio intercepts and information reported by friendly patrols, along with intelligence passed from higher headquarters, such as weather predications and enemy order of battle information; G-2/S-2 Journals provide constantly-updated accounts of information reported to the recording headquarters in much the same format as the G-3/S-3 Journals.

Division G-2 Periodic Reports File 3100-2.1 Nov 1944 - April 1945
Division G-2 Journal File 3100-2.2 Nov 1944 - April 1945
Division G-2 Journal
(History Annexes 4, 6, 8, & 10)
File 3100-2.2 June - Sep 1945
Division Weekly Intelligence
File 3100-2.6 Sep 1945
Division Weekly Intel Summary File 3100-2.6 Sep - Dec 1945
397th Inf S-2 Journal File 3100-INF(397)-2.2 May - Jul 1945
397th Inf S-2 Situation Rpts File 3100-INF(397)-2.6 Nov 1944 - July 1945
397th Inf S-2 Message Log File 3100-INF(397)-2.4 Nov 1944 - Apr 1945
398th Inf S-2 Periodic Reports File 3100-INF(398)-2.1 June 1945
398th Inf Weekly Captured
Materiel Report
File 3100-INF(398)-4.10 June 1945
3d Battalion/399th Inf S-2 Journal File 3100-INF(399)7-0.7 Jan - Sep 1945
325th Engr S-2 Journal File 3100-ENG-2.2 Dec 1944 - Feb 1945