These books are not specifically about the 100th Infantry Division, but do extensively mention the Division's part in the battles or campaigns that comprise their subject material. All of the below listed books are useful for gaining perspective on the 100th's role in "the Big Picture" of Seventh Army operations.

From the Riviera to the Rhine, by Jeffrey J. Clarke and R. R. Smith. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1993. 605 Pages, many maps, photos. This is the official US Army Center of Military History account of the operations of the Seventh Army from the invasion of southern France in August, 1944 through the crossing of the Rhine in March, 1945. It was the last of the 50+ volume US Army "Green Book" series, which covers almost every conceivable aspect of Army endeavor in World War II. Delayed for over 30 years by changes in author and other factors, this volume describes the Seventh Army "Big Picture" in highly accurate terms and far-reaching detail. The authors addressed not only the combat aspects of the Seventh Army's campaigns, but also the logistical, personnel and other issues essential for a comprehensive understanding of the period. A "must" for anyone who wants to understand the context of the 100th's fighting in the autumn and winter of 1944 - 45. [MHI, RAR] Also: This can be ordered directly from the US Government Printing Office at:

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For hard cover, order "CMH Pub 7-10, cloth, GPO S/N 008-029-00213-2 ($34.00); For soft cover, order CMH Pub 7-10-1. paper. GPO S/N 008-029-00229-9 ($28.00). Prices ar postage paid.

La Bataille d'Alsace 1944 - 1945 (The Battle of Alsace, 1944 - 1945), by Georges Bernage, Francois de Lannoy, Ronald McNair, and Patrick Bauman. Bayeux, France: Editions Heimdal, 1992. 481 pages of French text (no English!), dozens of maps, hundreds of photos. Large format coverage of the entire battle to liberate Alsace in the autumn and winter, 1944 - 1945. Focuses on Free French (1st French Army and indigenous FFI, or Forces françaises de l'intèrieurs) actions, but also extensively addresses both US and German forces and the role they played in the battles for Alsace -- from a French point of view. Excellent work for understanding the French perspective, including the cultural impact of the Germanization efforts from 1940 - 1944, as well as the military aspects. [COM, RAR]

La Bataille de Bitche et du Bitcherland (The Battle of Bitche and its Environs), by Francis Rittgen. Sarreguemines, France: Editions Pierron, 1982. 198 pages if French text (no English!), many maps, photos. Those familiar with The Story of the Century will recognize much of this book, as the author -- a true son of Bitche (Rittgen was born in Bitche in 1950!) -- relied heavily on that work for this one. However, he also used some German and French works to round out the history of the battles around Bitche from early December through the liberation of Bitche in March 1945. the author also includes sections about the impact of the fighting on some of the communities in the Bitche area, as well as Bitche itself, provided by the mayors of St. Louis-les Bitche, Lemberg and Rimling. The book includes outstanding statistical appendices, one of which indicates the names and awards of the Centurymen decorated posthumously in the fighting around Bitche. [RAR]

The Last Offensive, by Charles B. MacDonald. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1973, 1984, 1990. 532 pages, many photos, maps and charts. Outstanding account of the war in the ETO from March 1945 through V-E Day, written by a historian who served as a rifle company commander in the 2d Infantry Division in the Siegfried Line, the Bulge and beyond. Includes considerable information on the 7th Army's role in the closing months of the war, as well as the operations of the other US field armies in the ETO. [MHI, COM, RAR] Also: This can be ordered directly from the US Government Printing Office at the same address as From the Riviera to the Rhine above. For hard cover, order "CMH Pub 7-9, cloth, GPO S/N 008-029-00087-3 ($31.00); For soft cover, order CMH Pub 7-9-1. paper. GPO S/N 008-029-00297-3 ($25.50). Prices are postage paid.

Libération des Vosges: L'épopée du 6e corps d'armée américain (Liberation of the Vosges: The Epic of the US Army VI Corps), by Jean Laurain. Remiremont, France: Editions Gérard Louis, 1994. 484 pages of French text (English only in the numerous reproductions of selected front pages of The Beachhead News, official wartime periodical of the VI Corps), many photos, some maps. The most comprehensive work yet on US Army operations in the High Vosges, October - November 1944. Outstanding narrative covering the approach from the Rhône Valley, the limited objective attacks to the Meurthe by the 3d, 36th and 45th Infantry Divisions, and the final penetration of the High Vosges by the reinforced VI Corps (3d, 36th, 100th, 103d Infantry Divisions and Combat Command A of the 14th Armored Division) in November. [RAR]

Opération Nordwind, by Francis Rittgen. Sarreguemines, France: Imprimerie Pierron, 1984. 250 pages of French text (no English!), many maps, photos. Solid coverage of all of NORDWIND, in the Low Vosges and the Alsatian Plain, taken largely from secondary sources. Includes sections on impact of the fighting on civilians and communities in the area, as well as the strictly military aspects of the battles. Very useful work for understanding NORDWIND from the perspective of a French historian and native of Bitche! [RAR]

Seventh US Army Report of Operations: Volumes II and III, by the Seventh Army Historical Section. Heidelberg: Aloys Gräf, 1946. 728 pages of text, bound in the latter two volumes of the official Seventh Army after action report (357 pages in Volume II, 371 in Volume III),with many especially accurate maps and dozens of photos. Covers Seventh Army action from late September 1944 through the end of the war. Extremely comprehensive, quite well-written narrative, with sections on aspects of logistics and personnel, as well as combat. Reprint available from the Battery Press. Essential reading for the researcher who wants coverage of the "Big Picture" not just in the Vosges, but all the way to the end of the War. [MHI, RAR, COM]

When the Odds Were Even: The Vosges Mountains Campaign, October 1944 - January 1945, by Keith E. Bonn. Novato, California: Presidio Press, 1994. 294 pages with 14 maps, 10 organizational charts, photos. Describes and analyzes the course and outcome of the fighting in the Vosges from the first major battles in the High Vosges in mid-October 1944 through the end of NORDWIND in the Low Vosges in mid-January. By researching and analyzing the details of both sides, the author concludes that the US Seventh Army defeated the Germans' Army Group G not because of superior numbers, airpower or materiel advantages, but because of better training and more appropriate organization for the execution of a tactical and operational doctrine that was remarkably similar to that of the Germans. Although the first (hardcover) printing and the Military Book Club printing are sold out, was still available in its second printing (trade paper cover) from the publisher or through bookstores as of May 1998. [MHI, COM, RAR, AUT (soft cover only)] Note: By special arrangement with the publisher, all copies purchased by Seventh Army veterans directly from the author (LTC Keith E. Bonn, USA (Ret.), PO Box 51022 Ft. Monroe, VA 23651) will be sold at a discount price of $12.25 + $2.75 postage and packing -- the author will sign and personalize the book for the veteran, including a message and a printed patch of the veteran's unit of assignment on the inside cover of the book. Further, the author will donate 100% of his royalties to the veteran's unit association.

Winter Storm: War in Northern Alsace, November 1944 - March 1945, by Lise Pommois. Paducah, Kentucky: Turner Publishing Company, 1991 (Copyright by the Rainbow Division Veterans' Memorial Foundation). 415 pages, large format, many maps, many photos, casualty charts, by division (weekly) and overall in Seventh Army (weekly) during the period of the book. Overwhelmingly focused on NORDWIND, and primarily the combat of the 42d Infantry Division and 14th Armored Division, but contains extensive descriptions of the other Seventh Army units' combat in January as well, including the German side. Excellent account by an Alsatian historian; indispensable for understanding the details of NORDWIND, especially that part which occurred on the Alsatian Plain. [MHI, COM]