Consider Contributing Appreciated Shares

As many of you know, Rich Carey, the son of our only posthumous Medal of Honor recipient (Technical Sergeant Charles F. Carey, Jr.), donated a significant number of shares which he owned in his company to the Division Association at our recent Reunion in McLean, VA. The board of trustees has accepted this gift as part of the Living Legacy program. We are extremely grateful to Rich for this most generous gift. Perhaps many of you have shares that have appreciated significantly during these past few years. What a painless way to enhance our Living Legacy fund without taking any money from your pocket! (Any questions on this type of gift may be referred to Bob Fair who has many years of experience in this area.) As we embark on this last, mighty endeavor, we should all remember that what we are doing with Operation LEGACY may well inspire some future Sergeant Carey, Lieutenant Silk, or PFC Colalillo to serve and serve well the Army in which we spent some of the best and worst days of our lives.