A Message from the President

We're all tired of it. Hardly a day passes without someone asking us for more money. Many of us are on fixed incomes, and have a tough time making our Association dues, let alone more. But the fact of life is that time is running out for the 100th Infantry Division to make its mark. Our acclaimed website is bringing in the last few dozen new members we will get, but the Taps columns are getting depressingly longer. We've checked-neither the Army's historical division nor any of the major veterans' groups can or are inclined to help individual divisions cement their legacies for posterity. It's now or never. A handful of other WWII division associations are well ahead of us in their own activities to preserve their heritage, but most are lagging woefully behind, mired either in a refusal to accept the reality of mortality, or hopelessly fractured internally and unable to reach a consensus about how to proceed. I am confident that in this proposed multifaceted partnership with General Burress' own alma mater-and the alma mater of many other Century Division veterans-we have found a sure way to guarantee our legacy. It is one that I endorse wholeheartedly, and one which can and should serve as a rallying point for what will, after all, probably be our final operation together in this life. By helping to send two outstanding citizen-soldier leaders into the Army's combat arms each year, we will not only build a perpetual, living link from our Army to the Army of the future, but we do our part to ensure that our descendants, spiritual and actual, will have the kind of leadership that General Burress provided us. By encouraging and facilitating research and writing about the accomplishments of our Division in WWII, we will promote awareness of the valor and sacrifice of every soldier in the Division into the distant future. I know what we're asking, and it's going to be tough for many of us to help out. But we're a tough outfit, and if posterity is going to know just how tough-and smart, and competent, and courageous-we have to act now, and act decisively.

Hank Williams, AT/399th